David Hogg Politicizes Pittsburgh Shooting Mere Minutes After News Breaks


When it comes to “never let a crisis go to waste,” some could argue that anti-gun activist David Hogg has that tactic down to a science.

Case in point: Mere moments after news broke about Saturday’s synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, before details were known, Hogg was at it with his agenda-pushing.

This is a screen shot of Hogg’s tweet. The original tweet contains the language uncensored.

Hogg once again took aim at the National Rifle Association. His repeated attacks on the pro-Second Amendment organization come despite his own Twitter bio claiming he is also “pro 2A.”

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Note the post is time stamped at 11:36 a.m. According to CNN, police were responding to a report of the synagogue shooting about 9:55 a.m. and the suspect did not surrender until 11:08 a.m., meaning Hogg’s tweet was published less than an hour after the event itself actually ended.

The wounded were still being treated, the death count was not even known, and Hogg was on social media tweeting his political agenda.

Hogg has also never been able to prove any complicity on the part of the NRA with any mass shooting. But that fact has yet to stop him from blaming them and attacking them.

Blaming everyone but the actual shooter is not a new tactic for Hogg. In the aftermath of February’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, he not only blamed the NRA, according to Newsmax, he also blamed Sen. Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican.

But Hogg putting forth wrong information is not the only problem pointed out about the activist. His hypocrisy has been, as well.

For instance, The Daily Wire noted in March that he “beg(ged) people not to make anti-gun agenda political” after he had attacked the GOP, the NRA and President Trump.

He has also used armed security while pushing to deny the average citizen the right to gun protection. The Washington Times reported in August that Hogg showed up to a protest at NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, with an armed security force. As the NRA noted, the building was empty.

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To some, this pattern is just proof that Hogg is about political gains, not facts.

Did you expect anti-gun activists to blame the NRA for the Pittsbugh shooting?

Some take it further, suggesting he is a pawn being used by agenda-driven adults around him.

Neither would relieve Hogg of personal responsibility for what he is putting out there.

Hogg’s former Stoneman Douglas slassmate Kyle Kashuv has repeatedly called Hogg out over his ignorance, showing that age has nothing to do with it.

There isn’t really a good excuse for Hogg to be ignorant of facts or blaming anyone other than the shooters when these tragic events occur.

But he does it anyway.

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