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Each Day Mom Gets Home from Shift Working as Nurse, Family Surprises Her at Door

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We’ve seen videos of balcony performances, encouraging sidewalk art, heartfelt and hand-lettered signs and a multitude of creative ways people are coming up with to keep their spirits up and thank the essential workers who are still marching into work every day.

But there are celebrations within families as well — we just might not get to see them every day because they happen privately. There are plenty of people related to healthcare workers, for example, who are performing acts of kindness for their own personal heroes.

The Lake family is one of those families. Mom Lynne is a nurse who has been at it for nearly 40 years, and every day when she comes home, her family gives her a hero’s welcome.

It was her 25-year-old son, Jonathan, who got their story in front of the public eye. He filmed some of the antics that he, his dad Richard, brother Peter, sister Zoe and Zoe’s fiancé Joshua get up to when she comes through the door at the end of her shift.

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Wanting to share the good-natured celebrations, Jonathan posted a video of their homecoming welcome online, and even tagged John Krasinski, who entertained and encouraged the world with his “Some Good News” debut.

“Hi John,” Jonathan wrote. “We as a family have been welcoming our mum home from work as a hero. She is a nurse in the NHS in Britain and is working so hard everyday! We will continue to do this every time she returns home from work.”

The video took off, and Jonathan kept posting more of their unique greetings.

There’s balloon-tossing, confetti-throwing, rose-giving, hand-sanitizer-distributing fun whenever she steps through the doorway — and of course, lots of clapping and cheering.

“We want to go above and beyond for our mum because that’s what she does for us every day,” Jonathan told Metro. “We are being creative with how we welcome her.”

“She is working flat-out, sometimes without a break, just to keep up with the demand.”

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Many have commented on the shares of the videos to thank Lynne and say that the family’s lovely gestures brightened their day.

Jonathan is aware that tomorrow is not guaranteed, so he’s encouraging people to appreciate what they have now.

“I think in this time, we all have something, someone to be thankful for,” he said.

“Take a moment each day to be thankful for those things you have in your life. Tomorrow isn’t promised so rejoice in today.”

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