Dems Claim the Trans Community Is Suffering an 'Epidemic of Violence'; Here's What's Really Going On


Over the past several years, the left has attempted to make transgender rights the focus of a new civil rights movement.

Unlike previous movements, however, the left’s push for transgender rights is largely based on lies and deceit.

Among the most pernicious of these lies is even pushed by presumptive president-elect Joe Biden himself.

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“At least 37 transgender and gender-nonconforming people have been killed this year, most of them Black and Brown transgender women,” Biden tweeted on Nov. 20.

“It’s intolerable. This Transgender Day of Remembrance, we honor their lives — and recommit to the work that remains to end this epidemic of violence.”

Debunking the “Epidemic of Violence” Lie

According to the Human Rights Campaign, “40 transgender or gender non-conforming people” have been violently killed so far in 2020.

Even one murder is too many, but upon taking a closer look at the numbers, it becomes apparent that there’s no evidence to suggest 40 murders constitute an “epidemic of violence.”

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In fact, it appears as though transgender individuals are less likely to become victims of murder.

According to a study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, there are approximately 1.4 million adults in the United States who identify as transgender. If only 40 of those 1.4 million have been murdered, that would place the rate well below the overall United States murder rate of roughly 47 per million citizens as reported by the FBI.

Moreover, Chad Felix Greene at The Post Millennial looked closely at all 40 killings and determined that “only five transgender people have been murdered in confirmed hate crimes since 2015.” Additionally, Greene found that some of the victims were involved with sex work, drugs and “other high-risk situations occurring in urban centers in the middle of the night.”

In 2019, leftists made similar claims about an “epidemic of violence” when discussing that year’s number of transgender killings — 22.

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However, a report from The American Conservative determined that few of the 2019 murders constituted hate crimes and that many of the victims were sex workers.

“If a transgender person is shot and killed while meeting a john for sex, or working the streets at two in the morning seeking clients for sex, then that is important information to have. Prostitution — especially street prostitution — is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country,” senior editor Rod Dreher wrote.

“There is a world of difference between a transgendered person jumped and beaten to death by bigots, and a transgendered person who lives and moves in the world of street prostitution, and who crosses paths with a killer.”

Here’s What’s Really Plaguing the Trans Community

The transgender murder epidemic may be a lie, but that doesn’t mean the community isn’t facing serious issues.

Depression, anxiety and other mental health problems are much too prevalent among transgender individuals.

A staggeringly high 40 percent of transgender adults have reported attempting suicide at least once in their lives, according to a national survey conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality in 2015.

Many leftists stand by a handful of studies — such as those conducted by BMC Public Health and AIDS and Behavior — showing a correlation (not causation) between perceived discrimination and a greater prevalence of mental health issues among transgender adults (although a study performed by the Journal of LGBT Health Research noted that discrimination did not account for the disparity between LGBT and heterosexual depression rates).

An important distinction to make here is that these studies analyze “perceived” discrimination by asking transgender individuals if they subjectively feel that they have been discriminated against.

Whether the community is actually being discriminated against doesn’t matter; it is the perception of bigoted discrimination that constitutes greater mental health issues, according to some of these studies’ findings.

And what could possibly create a greater perception of discrimination than the presumptive president-elect of the United States of America declaring that an unprecedented “epidemic of violence” is currently being perpetrated against the transgender community?

How the Left’s Transgender Lies Are Contributing to Pain and Suffering

Transgender Americans are constantly told they are oppressed by American society.

For example, the left is constantly pushing the notion that if transgender women (biological men) are not allowed into women’s bathrooms, that means they are being discriminated against.

In reality, conservatives are simply arguing that transgender men and women must follow the same rules as everyone else — according to their biological sex. Women have a right to female-only spaces. Men don’t (and vice-versa). It’s as simple as that.

That isn’t discrimination; that’s treating all people equally, transgender or otherwise.

Nevertheless, leftists continue to hammer the point home that transgender individuals are oppressed, unfairly discriminated against and, according to Joe Biden, hunted down and murdered in an “epidemic of violence.”

By spreading the false narrative of an “epidemic of violence,” Biden and his fellow Democratic cohorts are doing nothing to help the transgender community and their mental health problems.

They’re only making things worse.

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