DJ Leaks Pics of Obama's Opulent Birthday Bash and Quickly Deletes Them, But Not Before the Truth Got Out


During the past few weeks, the leftist elite has once again ramped up the pressure on businesses and institutions to require mask mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions.

If images and video leaked from former President Barack Obama’s extravagant 60th birthday party are any indication, these rules apparently do not apply to the leftist elite themselves.

According to the New York Post, rapper Trap Beckham and his manager, TJ Chapman, took live pictures of the party as it unfolded at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Beckham reportedly performed for the president at the event.

Beckham deleted the images soon after posting them to Instagram, which he said was due to the rules of the event. However, he said the party was “epic” and that “nobody has seen Obama like this before,” the Post reported.

Pictures obtained by the Post show high-end cocktails and food dishes, backstage passes, and swanky napkins with gold “44X60” embossing, a reference to Obama’s place as the 44th president.

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Some of the left’s favorite celebrities, including rocker Bruce Springsteen, late-night comedian Steven Colbert, and actress Gabrielle Union reportedly attended the event.

President Joe Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry was also said to attend the event, but the State Department said although Kerry was at Martha’s Vineyard, he “was not traveling for a party, and did not fly there privately,” The Washington Times reported. It was not clear whether he was actually at the party itself, but given his service as secretary of state in Obama’s second term, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Last week, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether Obama’s planned party was appropriate, given the national rise in COVID-19 cases.

Psaki, who is herself a former Obama staffer, proceeded to dodge the question and refuse to say if the party could be sending a conflicting message to the Biden administration’s approach to the coronavirus.

Two days later, the Obama family attempted to quell these concerns by promising to “significantly scale back” the celebration, according to the Washington Examiner. A representative of former First Lady Michelle Obama told the media the event would be limited to “family and close friends.”

Unless Obama has a particularly close relationship with 30-year-old rapper Trap Beckham and his manager, it does not appear that the party was as “scaled back” as it was supposed to be.

There certainly may have been fewer people than originally planned, but the pictures obtained by the Post hardly suggest a modest get-together.

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One video of Obama dancing maskless does not seem to depict a man who is deeply concerned about contracting a serious virus.

Other social media users and news outlets picked up images as well.

In a separate article, the New York Post reported conservatives including U.S. House GOP conference chairwoman Elise Stefanik criticized Obama for the hypocritical birthday bash.

“Democrats are imposing forced vaccine mandates, unscientific masks mandates, and are openly discussing lockdowns, while President Obama gathers with hundreds of maskless liberal elites who flew in on private jets with no vaccine requirement to attend,” she said.

Therein lies the real problem. The issue is not that Obama wanted to host a large get together for his birthday, because there is nothing inherently wrong with that desire.

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However, when leftist elites repeatedly attempt to demonize anyone who doesn’t want masks or vaccines forced on them, they open themselves up to criticism for openly defying their own rules.

Obama is vaccinated, and there is no scientific data to require him to wear a

But that doesn’t stop leftists from constantly hectoring the American public about risk factors, when the truth is, as the leaked Obama pictures show, the most elite on the left apparently feel free to disregard them at will.

The problem with the leftist elites is not their lack of masking or their large gatherings, which are not bad things. Instead, it is their complete and utter dishonesty.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.