Doctor Calls Viral TikTok Sleep Trend 'The Most Dangerous Trend I've Heard of in Some Time'


In the wake of a new TikTok health trend, medical professionals have raised concerns. The said trend, known as “mouth taping,” was intended to help people get better sleep, TikTok users claimed.

Doctors responded to the recent fad with their professional opinion.

“This is one of the most dangerous trends I’ve heard of in some time, and I’m quite concerned that it is being advocated as a ‘health’ trend,” Dr. David Culpepper told Fox News.

Mouth taping involves people placing a small piece of tape over their lips while sleeping. This practice allows someone to breathe only through their nose rather than the mouth.

Medical experts concur that one should never tape their mouth shut, unless a surgery procedure requires it.

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Mouth breathing is said to be less healthy than breathing through the nostrils, according to Healthline, which explains why so many believe the TikTok trend will improve their sleep. However, people overlook the fact that the outlet also reported “mouth breathing is necessary” especially during sleep.

One related TikTok video from user “Movewithjames” received over 2.8 million views in less than a week, proving the trend’s popularity among younger people.

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Another doctor advised against mouth taping, calling it a “terrible idea” for various medical reasons.

Additionally, sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder in which a person’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts, could prove fatal while unconscious.

“I would urge anyone considering mouth-taping to reconsider,” Culpepper said, “and if you are experimenting with this dangerous trend, you should stop.”

Nasal congestion derived from an illness or allergies could also suffocate a person if their mouth was forced shut, he added.

Dr. Baljinder S. Sidhu, a pulmonologist and sleep specialist, said nasal breathing, though it’s considered healthier among health experts, is less achievable “during sleep compared to wakefulness.”

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Would you participate in mouth taping?

“This is due to the effects of gravity when lying supine or flat, [plus the] relaxed muscle and tissue tone during sleep — all of which are generally aggravated by our normal negative pressure breathing,” he said.

“I would not recommend mouth taping as a solution to any medical problem.”

TikTok also has a disclaimer on its platform: “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”

Fox failed to hear from the social media company after a request for comment.

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