Doctor Dresses as Chewbacca to Tell Young Patient He's Getting a New Heart


Childhood is supposed to be filled with the most careless and free years of your entire life. But for many, that isn’t the case.

Deadly illnesses have no age requirement and strike across the board, but so many doctors go above and beyond to forms special relationships with their patients.

One young patient at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago needed a new heart if he was going to beat his disease. He was running out of time.

This young man’s doctor made a promise to keep his spirits and hopes high while waiting for a new heart on the transplant list.

And the minute the doctor received word that a heart had been found, he decided to deliver the news in a pretty silly way — dressed from head to toe as Chewbacca from Star Wars .

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Whether you’ve seen Star Wars or not, most people know how strange the noises Chewbacca makes can be. They are distinctive and cannot be mistaken for another.

See for yourselves.

When the young man heard the famous Wookie call from the hallway, he whipped his head toward the door from his hospital bed in complete disbelief.

The doctor entered the room, dressed like Chewbacca, and continued making Chewbacca sounds.

The boy immediately called out the elephant in the room and asked “Wait — We… We… Got… a heart?”

The doctor nodded, Wookie sounds to follow.

“Do we seriously have a heart?”

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His excitement grew.

When the news was officially confirmed by his Chewbacca doctor, he threw himself from bed and gave Chewbacca a great big high five followed by excited jumping and dancing.

After word of his new heart finally sunk in, the boy quieted down and embraced his doctor in a giant hug.

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