Doctors Tell 350-Pound Man He's Too Fat to Be a Dad, Urge Him to Lose Weight


Danny Brown might not seem like the slimmest YouTube fitness instructor you’ve ever seen, but he’s come a long way. At one time, Brown weighed 350 pounds, and doctors told him he had to make a change.

“I quit my chef job due to the stressful kitchen environment and took on a position as a van driver which meant I was inactive for most of the day,” Brown said.

“It also meant I was eating a lot on the go for convenience.

“A typical day’s food would consist of two bacon rolls for breakfast, a KFC from a motorway service station for lunch and a Chinese from a pub takeaway next door,” he added.

“I’d often down two pints waiting for my order.”

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Brown was trending in the wrong direction, and something had to give. He tried to lose weight for his wedding, but couldn’t seem to make much of a dent.

On the day of his wedding, Brown still had a 56-inch waist. It wasn’t until it came time to have children that he saw the devastating affect his eating habits were having on his body.

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“I had always dreamed of being a Dad but it just wasn’t happening,” Brown said. “I never thought for one moment that it could be my weight that was stopping us.

“So, when doctors told me I needed to lose at least five stone I was shocked. I knew something needed to change fast so I looked at my bad habits and tossed the takeaway menus in the bin,” he said.

With newfound motivation, Brown started lifting weights and getting his eating habits under control.

He started to prepare his meals and eat on a schedule, instead of whenever he wanted.

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Since starting his weight loss journey, Brown has lost 100 pounds. He’s more dedicated to fitness than ever and believes anyone is capable of making the same change he did.

“My advice to anyone out there who is struggling to conceive and who knows deep down that they are out of shape is to take action and believe you can do it,” Brown said.

“When I was 25 stone I never thought I would be able to lose nine stone but take it day by day, week by week, change the bad habits for good ones, and you can achieve anything.”

For Brown, his reward is waiting for him when he gets home every day.

“Holding my baby son in my arms for the first time was the most incredible feeling ever and I knew at that moment that it had all been worth it,” he said.

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