Dog Who Mysteriously Vanished from Home Spotted Nearly 1 Year Later, 280 Miles Away


Lost dog posters are often seen in coffee shops and hanging on telephone poles.

They are filled with pictures of cute furry faces who have managed to get away from their owners and owners desperately wanting their family members back.

When one dog went missing, a good Samaritan came to the rescue. In the most unexpected way, owner and dog were reunited.

Champ, a Siberian husky, just up and went missing one day. Owner, Shaunta Lowman, couldn’t figure out what had happened to her faithful companion.

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The police believed that poor Champ had been taken. Siberian huskies, with their piercing blue eyes, are targets for dog theft.

Devastated by her missing dog, Lowman began handing out flyers all over her town of Sacramento, and started a Facebook post to help spread the word.

The post reached upwards of 36,000 shares.

It seemed as if all of the dog lovers were coming together to help find Champ. But nearly a year went by with no clue as to where the dog had gone.

“I didn’t give up hope at all,” said Lowman. She continued to search and hope until one day she received the call she had been waiting for.

The call came from 280 miles away in Bakersfield. A good Samaritan, Cruz Adri, found Champ wandering the streets and knew that he must belong to someone.

Champ was taken to Petsmart to get his microchip could be read. Though Adri was given Lowman’s name as Champ’s owner, the telephone number listed on the chip was no longer in use.

So Adri did the next best thing to a phone call, and searched for Lowman’s Facebook page. There, she discovered the story of how Champ had been missing for close to a year.

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Soon Champ would begin a new journey — a road trip back home. With the help of volunteers, husky enthusiasts, and an organization called H2M2, Operation Transport began.

Volunteers, in various locations on the rout from Bakersfield back to Sacramento, took a leg of the trip to bring Champ home safely. Janice Christensen was happy to lend a hand and a car.

“I love dogs. I love them. They all deserve a great home,” said Christensen. And it was a happy reunion.

As Lowman saw her dog’s furry little face after nearly a year she cried, “Where you been? I was waiting for you.”

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