Elderly Man's Car Stolen with Dog Still Inside, Thief Dumps Pup at a Homeless Camp


One of the worst inconveniences in life is having your car stolen. The struggle you have to go through to get it back is a hassle, and it especially sucks when that’s your only means of transportation.

On top of that, the thief now has personal possession of the items you may have left inside your car, whether that includes money or personal documents.

I think we all can agree having your car stolen is bad enough, so what could be worse?

Well, we would have to ask Daniel Ashimine about this one.

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On Monday, Jan. 8, the elderly man of Carlson, California, nearly had a heart attack when his vehicle was taken from right behind his restaurant.

He was left distraught after realizing his car was stolen with his dog Holly still inside. All that mattered to Ashimine in that moment was getting his dog back.

“My wife and I started driving all over the place looking for the dog,” said Ashimine. “The last couple of nights I didn’t get any rest.”

Torrance Police Department was working on the case to find the old man’s vehicle and dog. Finally, on that Tuesday, a tip came in about the location of the car.

An observant person had noticed a car in bad shape parked on their street and called police. When the cops arrived, they found the totaled car.

Ashimine’s car may have been there, but Holly was still missing. The thief eventually admitted to police that he had dumped the pup at a homeless camp.

Relieved by the news, Ashimine rushed over on scene to retrieve his best friend. “I was the happiest man in the world, man,” he said as he remembered their reunion.

It seemed like Holly was just as happy to be back with her owner, but Ashimine could tell she had a rough two days of sleepless nights just like he did. She fell asleep in the car on the drive home.

Overcome with emotion, he said “It was amazing” to see her again after what they had been through.

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Since the ordeal, Ashimine has made sure to thank the cops and good Samaritans who helped locate his dog. It was quite obvious that Holly mattered the most to him.

Apparently, it’s the material things that don’t mean much to Ashimine. He said, “I don’t care about my car, I really love my dog!”

We’re so glad this happy pair has been reunited. It’s obvious they both care for each other greatly, and hopefully they will have plenty more years to spend together!

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