EMT Out on Ice Trying to Rescue Dog Trapped in Freezing Water


Winter can be a terrible time for pets. Trudging through piles of snow for a walk or getting them to use their outside potty in cold weather can be impossible.

Facing sub-zero conditions can be life-threatening for any stray animals as well. And if your furry friend sees a squirrel dotting the expanse of white, all bets are off.

Most dogs will chose the chase over the cold.

One dog got more than he bargained for in the great outdoors. The chilly tale will leave you happy to be inside, safe and warm.

The Lake Township Fire and Rescue team in Northwood, Ohio, were called out for a real emergency.

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What they saw when they arrived was heart-breaking and unexpected.

They arrived at the Eastpoint Apartment Complex. The complex surrounded a lake — a dangerous place in freezing temperatures.

A dog had wandered out onto the semi-frozen lake. The water was freezing and it appeared the dog had fallen through the ice.

Dramatic images show the rescue team getting to work. Rescuer and EMT, Matt DeGroff  put on the bright yellow uniform, called the Mustang suit, to begin the process.

This special suit helps to protect rescuers from the icy waters and surrounding environment.

DeGroff edged his way to the poor dog, who thankfully still had his head above the water. The photos show DeGroff pulling the dog to safety while perilously sitting on the edge of the thin ice.

The entire time, DeGroff’s suit was attached to a thick cord. Other rescuers held on, just in case both man and dog ended up in the water.

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DeGroff put his arms around the chilly dog and the other rescuers helped pull them both to safety. It was an amazing rescue and happily ended with everyone out of danger.

Thanks to the quick response of the Lake Township rescue team, a tragedy had been averted.

Now one fortunate Labrador retriever will be reunited with his family.

Hopefully this adorable pup has learned his lesson and will steer clear of frozen bodies of water in the future.

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