Epic: Conservative Wireless Provider Decides to Give Libs Taste of Their Own Medicine, Helps Flip 4 Woke School Boards


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Patriot Mobile — the nation’s only Christian conservative wireless provider — has been putting its money where its values are.

Chief marketing officer Scott Coburn told The Western Journal that Patriot Mobile was founded in 2013 with the intent to mirror the leftist corporate practice of supporting causes and candidates they believe in.

Patriot Mobile’s causes align with its four pillars: the fight for the First Amendment freedom of religion and speech, the Second Amendment right to bear arms, the sanctity of life and support for our veteran and first responder heroes.

The company’s mission is “to passionately defend our God-given, Constitutional rights and freedoms and to glorify God always.”

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By switching to Patriot Mobile from other “big mobile” carriers, “It’s a win-win because you’re moving away from companies who don’t support your values or what you believe in. And you’re shifting your support and your dollars to a company that does align with your values,” Coburn said.

After steady growth in its early years, Patriot Mobile has really taken off in the last few years as a counter to woke corporate culture.

“The last two or three years, it’s just been an incredible growth. We grew 111 percent last year and 89 percent the year prior. This year we are already up 50 percent year to date,” Coburn said. That means the Christian company has been able to increase its giving substantially.

Last year that translated to $500,000 in donations to organizations like the conservative student organization Turning Point USA, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, Tunnel to Towers, First Liberty, Folds of Honor, Family Research Council Action and many others.

This year Coburn said the wireless provider is on track to give away approximately $2 million and has added a new cause to its giving roster — Patriot Mobile Action.

Patriot Mobile Action is a political action committee that is a separate legal entity from Patriot Mobile.

Earlier this year, Patriot Mobile Action took aim at eleven school board races in Tarrant County, Texas, where Patriot Mobile resides and boasts a population of over 2.1 million people.

“We targeted 11 races, and we won all 11. And what that ultimately means is over 100,000 North Texas schoolchildren who previously had woke school boards now have conservative majorities on all of their school boards,” Leigh Wambsganss, executive director of Patriot Mobile Action, told The Western Journal.

Patriot Mobile Action is now focused on midterm election contests in Tarrant County.

“As Tarrant County goes, so goes Texas. And as Texas goes, so goes the nation,” Wambsganss explained.

Wambsganss — who in addition to her role with the PAC is Vice President of Public Affairs at Patriot Mobile — shared the vision of the company at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit hosted by Turning Point USA in Dallas in June.

She began her remarks saying, “My pronouns are Bible believer, Jesus lover, gun carrier and mama bear,” which drew cheers from the conservative crowd.

Wambsganss went through the company’s four pillars, highlighting the First Amendment’s right to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

“[President Joe] Biden calls that domestic terrorism. Patriot Mobile calls that freedom,” she said.

Coburn told The Western Journal that switching to Patriot Mobile is easy, and the company has a 100 percent U.S.-based support staff to help people make the switch and answer any questions they may have.

You can keep your existing number and your device, or you can choose from the latest selection of phones from Patriot Mobile.

Coburn said one of the most common concerns people have is whether their cell phone coverage will be as good as their existing provider.

“We’re built on the same towers as all the major carriers, so coverage is rarely an issue,” he said. “The difference is your dollars are going to support a company that aligns with your values.”

“And at the end of the day, that’s how we beat the many woke corporations that don’t care for our freedoms and values,” Coburn contended. “That’s really the only way to win — we have to vote with our dollars and be more intentional with how we spend our money.”

You can learn more about Patriot Mobile and the causes they support by visiting or by calling 972-PATRIOT.

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