Ex-UFC Superstar Chokes Famous TikToker Until He's Out Cold During Viral New Orleans Brawl


Nate Diaz, a mixed martial artist and former UFC champion, was recently filmed choking out a Logan Paul lookalike in a New Orleans street brawl.

The fight took place Friday night after Diaz attended a match at the XULA Convention Center in support of Chris Avila, according to the New York Post.

Videos of the fight went viral within hours, with Diaz seen grabbing a man and wrapping his arms around his neck until he dropped to the ground unconscious.

WARNING: The following videos contain images some viewers may find disturbing. 

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Many online suggested that Diaz may have been intoxicated and probably mistook the man for Logan Paul, who is the brother of Jake Paul, a social media personality and boxer set to fight Diaz in August.

Should Diaz be charged for the chokehold?

It’s unclear who or what started the brawl, but from one camera’s point of view, Diaz appeared to ball up his fists while the other man had his hands raised.

The unconscious victim has since been identified as Rodney Petersen, a star on TikTok known for looking like Logan.

A video shared not long after the fight showed Peterson had suffered a bloody head injury from being dropped to the asphalt by Diaz, though he did not appear to sustain any major injuries.

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WARNING: The following video contains images and language some viewers may find disturbing and offensive. 

In another video, UFC President Dana White reacted to a clip of the fight while gambling.

“He knocked him out! Whoever that is he knocked him out. That guy’s head bounced like a f***ing basketball,” White said, according to the Post.

He also noted the possibility that Diaz may “get sued like a motherf***er.”

WARNING: The following video contains language some viewers may find offensive. 

One UFC star did stick up for Diaz though, albeit not for long.

“Hahaha Nate on a rampage tonight! Let’s go Nate! Hahaha,” Conor McGregor wrote in a since-deleted tweet, the Post reported.

Jake and Logan Paul have also responded to the brawl in a rather comical way, with Jake sharing a satirical self defense video for people who may run into a “homeless Stockton man trying to come at you in the middle of the streets.”

“Now if you look anything like a Paul brother, keep your eyes peeled because the streets are hot,” Jake Paul said.

The brothers then reenacted Diaz’s chokehold and suggested using a “safety snorkel” as a way to breath while being choked.

WARNING: The following video contains language some viewers may find offensive. 

At this point, Diaz has not yet publicly responded to the brawl, and it’s not clear if he’ll face any charges for the incident.

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