Watch: Extremist Penn. Dem Calls Entire District Racist in Jaw-Dropping Interview


As you head to the polls on November 6, please think about what the emerging face of the Democratic party looks like and ask yourself: Is that the kind of future you want for America?

In as short a time span as only the last couple of years, we have seen a startling rise in socialist sentiment. And with that rise we have also seen an escalation of derogatory labeling by the left.

For reasons I don’t completely understand, the up and coming wave of socialists in politics often resort to labeling their opposition as racists for just about any action, thought or word and it is almost a daily occurrence anymore. It’s almost as if it has become habit forming.

Unfortunately for the people in Pennsylvania’s 21st District, their unchallenged candidate for state representative has taken that philosophy and run with it to the extreme.

Her name is Sara Innamorato. She is a Democratic Socialist and she handily defeated the incumbent Dom Costa in the 2018 Democratic primary with 64 percent of the vote in what Pittsburgh City News said was predicted to be a tight race.

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I’m not so sure she would have carried that race so well if her constituents knew what she really thinks of them.

She recently declared everyone in her entire district a racist, on a radio podcast.

The podcast is titled “The Drinking Partners.”

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The local CBS affiliate KDKA reported: “After defeating incumbent Rep. Dom Costa in the Democratic primary, she appeared to be coasting to victory, but then made this comment while recording a podcast about her future constituents.”

“I just look at my district, right? And it’s 93 percent white. My district, which I know is like white working class, poor folk, who are racist, because it’s so much easier for them to look to their side and say, ‘I’m going to blame that person.'” said Innamorato.

So where do you begin? As a future public servant, does Innamorato really have a problem with white people? The working class? Poor people? And does she seriously think all those things make them racists? What was she thinking?

The young candidate has learned quickly how to backtrack after making a public gaff. She issued this statement on her podcast declaration.

“This was the topic of a nearly two-hour-long conversation about race and politics on the podcast, and in no way did I seek to imply that all of my neighbors are racist. Hate begets hate, understanding begets understanding. I’m willing to have a conversation with any of my future constituents about this topic of race, and I will do anything in my power to make sure that the 21st District and beyond is a welcoming place for all.”

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However, that statement may not have been enough to smooth things over.

While she may have been unopposed in her race, the people of the 21st district are a little bit more than unhappy at her declaration. What was once a sure victory is now suspect because there has been an organized effort to put up a write-in candidate to challenge her just days before the election.

KDKA reported: “Gary Britcher, a Republican from Aspinwall, has organized what he calls a bi-partisan a write in campaign for Rep. Costa.”

“We are not racist, and I don’t think we should send someone to Harrisburg that has that mindset that her constituents are racist,” said Britcher.

As for Costa? He may have lost the primary but he may still be going back to the state legislature.

Costa says he has nothing to do with organizing the write in campaign but: “I find it appalling that somebody would say something; they are not that type of people,” he said.

I hope the people of the 21st district in Pennsylvania think long and hard before they cast a ballot for this young woman.

It’s bad enough that a Democratic Socialist charmed her way into a state legislative race. It’s so much worse that another liberal who speaks without filters and an obvious disdain for white, working class, economically disadvantaged people would begin a career in politics.

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