After Failing To Bully Spas into Touching His Privates, Transgender Wants Gynecologist Appointment


Infamous male-to-female transgender troublemaker — pardon me, activist — Jessica Yaniv is back at it this month, threatening to sue yet another Canadian service provider for anti-trans “discrimination.”

It was little more than a month ago that the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled against Yaniv with regard to a legal complaint in which Yaniv accused biologically female salon employees of discrimination for refusing to wax his very male genitals.

But one would be foolish to assume a self-professed “human rights advocate” and “social justice warrior” like Yaniv could call it quits after just one failed high-profile attempt to bully non-consenting individuals into servicing his genitals.

In fact, according to the transgender activist’s Twitter, he is instead determined to double down, already preparing for another major legal battle on grounds somehow more baffling than the last.

This time, Yaniv is going after a gynecologist for allegedly refusing to schedule an appointment with him.

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“So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told me today that ‘we don’t serve transgender patients,'” Yaniv tweeted Monday. “I’m shocked.. and confused… and hurt.”

“Gynaecologists form a part of the multidisciplinary team who engage with transgender and non‐binary patients,” Yaniv added, “either as part of the transition stage performing surgery or managing pre‐ or post‐transition gynaecological problems.”

The activist also tagged the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, asking whether such a denial of service was legal under Canadian human rights law or acceptable under national medical standards.

Following up Tuesday, Yaniv claimed to have received private confirmation from the college that such denial was, in fact, “discrimination under the BC Human Rights Code and against [the College’s] code of Ethics.” He resolved to “file a complaint” regarding the clinic.

“Trans people need to be included, not excluded from society,” the activist concluded. “Pre and post gender affirming surgery care is super important!”

Confused? Me too.

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Because though I may be no expert in anatomy and physiology, I would wager a substantial bet that an individual with male genitalia has absolutely no need of a doctor specializing in female genital and reproductive care.

In fact, there is only one logical explanation for Yaniv attempting to secure an appointment with such a doctor: He was expecting and hoping for the response he received.

In all likelihood, Yaniv was in search of nothing more than a denial of service, a reason to stir up yet another anti-discrimination battle on behalf of the transgender community.

In earnest, that is the reality of both the “transgender “rights” movement and the social justice left: They are never willing to declare the battle over.

Tolerance is not an acceptable endgame, nor is the last victory or defeat.

Do you think Yaniv should just leave these businesses and health facilities alone?

There is always one more fight, always one more stepping stone on the road to true equality and social justice.

In their own words, people like Yaniv will “never give up fighting.”

That is why the abortion “rights” activists could not simply rest after the legalization of abortion, instead continuing on in attempts to secure taxpayer funding for abortions and the companies that provide them.

That is why the gay “rights” activists could not simply rest after the acquisition “marriage equality,” instead trying to force Christian bakers to bake specialty cakes for gay weddings.

That is why transgender “rights” activists could not simply rest with societal tolerance, instead attempting to secure access to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms for men who identify as women.

And that is why Jessica Yaniv will not stop until the system gives in and sees things his way each and every time he and his “activist” friends perceive they have been wronged or slighted.

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Andrew J. Sciascia was the supervising editor of features at The Western Journal. Having joined up as a regular contributor of opinion in 2018, he went on to cover the Barrett confirmation and 2020 presidential election for the outlet, regularly co-hosting its video podcast, "WJ Live," as well.
Andrew J. Sciascia was the supervising editor of features at The Western Journal and regularly co-hosted the outlet's video podcast, "WJ Live."

Sciascia first joined up with The Western Journal as a regular contributor of opinion in 2018, before graduating with a degree in criminal justice and political science from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where he served as editor-in-chief of the student newspaper and worked briefly as a political operative with the Massachusetts Republican Party.

He covered the Barrett confirmation and 2020 presidential election for The Western Journal. His work has also appeared in The Daily Caller.