Family Knows They're Dealing With Escape Artist after Hidden Camera Catches Pup Red Handed


Leaving your pet alone, even for just an hour, can be difficult for both you and your furry friend.

Often, owners come home to find that their dog may have torn up the entire left couch cushion or decided your new shoes looked like a tasty treat.

But for other owners whose dogs may require being in a crate or kennel while you are away, the problem of the escape artist becomes very real.


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Many dogs can feel uneasy when alone or confined, and decide to escape. But I have a feeling others just like to show off their magician-like skills.

One family learned the hard way that some pups just can’t be caged.

In a viral video, a few beagles are wandering around inside a fairly large outdoor kennel.

But one pup can be seen loitering by the doorway, perhaps mapping out his escape route.

Suddenly, the small dog begins scaling the fence wall of the kennel, looking strikingly similar to a dog version of Spiderman.

He stops at the door handle, as if he is going to open the door from there. The pup looks like he uses his body to attempt to push open the door handle — but then he keeps climbing!

Still scaling the walls, it’s clear the pup has his sights set on the top of the door frame. Viewers can see the edge of the door bowing out as the dog pushes on it, so it seems like an obvious place for him to escape from.

But suddenly, his little head pops out from an invisible gap between the roof and the kennel, and he uses the door to prop himself up.

Trusting he has a sturdy grasp on the frame of the kennel, he pushes his feet off of the wall and fully commits to his escape.

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He struggles for only a moment to push his body through in the final seconds of the video before making the daring leap to the ground far below.

Then the pup just takes off running, his friends still locked inside, staring in awe at what the Houdini beagle had just done.

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