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Father Mic'd Up Age 4 Son During Hockey Practice, Video Goes Viral


Jeremy Rupke of Ontario, Canada, is passionate about hockey, as many Canadians are. His love of the sport is pretty clear from the amount of hockey photos he has and the fact that he’s a coach.

According to his Facebook About section, he “has an incredible passion for the game of hockey and helping other hockey players improve their skills.”

“Jeremy has been coaching, working at hockey camps, and shooting instructional hockey videos for 5 years,” the page continues. “Jeremy always played hockey for the fun of the game. As a late bloomer he realized the NHL was not in his reach and focused instead on learning everything he could about the game, while also sharing his knowledge with others.”

“Jeremy now runs the largest hockey training website online.”

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He’s a father of two, and as of Feb. 22, he’s also the author of a viral video involving hockey and his adorable 4-year-old son, Mason.

As everyone knows, kids say some hilarious things. So, the coach and dad decided to tap into the gold mine of commentary he knew his son must be making while on the ice. He was right.

The video has been viewed nearly 7 million times on his original YouTube post, and much more through other sites that have picked up the amusing video.

“One-two, one-two…” Mason chants throughout, as he tries to remember to move both feet, and not just use one for balance and the other to propel himself around the rink. “I’m doing it!”

There are, as expected, many spills. The tot is about as wide as he is tall with all his protective gear on, which keeps him safe — but he’s far from nimble yet.

“I’m OK,” he says as he skids across the ice on his stomach. “It’s OK.”

“Let me go, you old fat can,” he says another time as he struggles to right himself, and promptly hits the ice again. “Old paint can,” he repeats several times, for unknown reasons.

“I’m gonna have a naaaap,” he proclaims after another spill. But as he wiggles along on his stomach he realizes he’s tapped into another talent: “I can craaawwwl!”

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He continues to try to remind himself to use both feet, counting it out, but generally still sticking to his kick-with-one-foot method.

Mason also makes lots of observations about the other people that are (or are not) present that day.

“Amy’s not heeere today, Amy’s not here toooday…” he sings as he crawls on all fours, probably after falling yet again.

“Hayden Hayden Hadydennnn,” he sings as he makes a one-legged kick around a cone, ostensibly in pursuit of his friend — but to no avail. “Just no one wants to play with me,” he says.


Then he realizes the real prize to be had here is the reward for going to practice: a trip to “BaDonalds” (aka, McDonalds). “I wanna go to BaDonalds. Are we gonna go to BaDonald’s after?”

Despite skating into the wrong group and falling more times than he could count, this little cutie kept his sights set on the reward: “15 more minutes and be done and get a baby happy meal,” he reassures himself at one point.

“I had a good laugh when he was apparently being held down by an invisible ‘old paint can,'” the boy’s father said during an interview with TODAY Parents. “There was no one around him and he was struggling to get up and said, ‘Let go of me you old fat can, old paint can,’ then gets up and skates away.”

Keep an eye out for future funnies from Mason, as Rupke has promised to keep the commentaries coming.

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