Flynn: US Facing Transition Moment Unlike Any Seen in Our Lifetimes


Former White House National Security Advisor Michael Flynn fired up a crowd of thousands in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Friday speaking about the need for Americans who love their country to engage in the political process.

“We are facing a transition point in this country like we have never seen in our lives,” the retired Army lieutenant general said at the Health and Freedom Conference hosted by The ThriveTime Show’s Clay Clark.

Flynn told the audience that he does not care about the left anymore because its agenda is clear: to turn the United States into a socialist, or even communist, country.

He recounted that that he’s been in those countries “and it’s not something that we want, but it is a transition point that we are heading toward. We are pivoting. Our nation is pivoting.”

“This is an unprecedented time,” Flynn contended.

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He listed some other major inflection points in American history, and he said the one thing they all have in common is they force people to evaluate where the country is.

“We can make all these analogies about different eras about our nation — whether it’s 1776, or the Civil War, or World War I or World War II — or all of the difficulties, all the challenges that our nation has been through,” Flynn said.

“And I will tell you that they were all challenging and they all caused us to reflect on who we are as a nation.”

The preservation of liberty is the issue of the hour, Flynn argued.

Do you agree with Flynn?

“We are a nation built on individual liberties … individual rights, that’s what the Bill of Rights is about,” he said.

“There’s a reason why there [are] 10 in the Bill of Rights. Just like the principles that are in the Bill of Rights, the Ten Commandments that we have are the principles of the foundation of the Bible,” Flynn added.

“And the Bible provides us with the fulfillment, just like our Constitution provides us with the fulfillment, of who we are as a nation, who we are as a people.”

Flynn contended that there are both enemies foreign and domestic that would take away those rights.

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“And we do have that. We do have them in our midst. So what I’m telling everybody today — my message to you, when you leave here today — my call to action is you have to get involved,” he said.

Flynn pointed to the example of parents in Florida who rose up against a school district continuing to force students to wear masks in the classroom after GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted the statewide mandate.

“You have a responsibility. You have a task. You have to go back to your communities and you have to get involved,” Flynn reiterated.

“This transition point is a divergence, meaning we are splitting apart. We are moving on one of two paths, and the path that I want to continue to move on is this beautiful experiment in democracy called the constitutional republic.”

“I want you to do something about it, because the other — the other path is a path toward socialism and then communism,” he said.

“That’s it. I mean, this is real,” Flynn continued. “This is not a conspiracy theory,” nor “fake news.”

During his remarks, Flynn also put in a plug for former President Donald Trump, saying “don’t give them the time of day, and don’t give them a dime” to any other potential 2024 candidates until Trump makes his intentions known.

“We have a president,” the Army veteran said, prompting a standing ovation and long, sustained cheers, culminating in chants of “USA, USA, USA!”

Flynn was one of several speakers slated to participate in the Health and Freedom Conference taking place on both Friday and Saturday.

Some others included MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, actor Jim Caviezel, cybersecurity expert retired Army Col. Phil Waldron, former CEO Patrick Byrne and author Dr. Simone Gold.

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