'Foxweiser': Megyn Kelly Blasts 'Cult' Mentality of Fox News, Takes Swipe at Former Employer


A longtime Fox News host is turning on her former employer — and sharply criticizing the media company’s workplace culture.

Megyn Kelly went no-holds-barred on Fox during a Monday interview with Jason Whitlock of The Blaze.

The cable media personality turned independent streaming host is no stranger to the network — having worked at Fox from 2004 to 2017.

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Kelly hosted a prime-time weeknight show at Fox starting in 2013.

“My audience is calling them ‘Foxweiser,'” Kelly said of Fox — likening the company to Bud Light after the company’s downfall to an impromptu boycott from American conservatives.

Kelly described Tucker Carlson’s abrupt firing as a watershed between Fox and its audience and predicted the company’s falling out with its ratings kingpin wouldn’t be reversed.

Do you agree with Megyn Kelly about Fox News?

“Fox is like, it’s like a cult. It’s like the mob, and you don’t get back in after you’ve been kicked out.”

“Once you’re out, you’re out. And you’re dead to them.”

Kelly — a longtime friend of Carlson — criticized Fox’s management for how its most successful host was treated.

The Fox alumni predicted Carlson would continue to connect with his audience, independently of Fox.

“They’re being absolute bastards to the guy, and the audience should remember that the audience is the only power Fox has.”

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“If they lose the audience, they lose this war with him. And so far his audience has been great.”

Carlson has signaled he isn’t relinquishing his public platform after his ouster from Fox.

The cable news veteran, who began hosting his prime-time show in 2017, will continue broadcasting with a streaming show that will be hosted on Twitter.

Fox has incurred a serious hit to its own ratings after Carlson’s firing.

None of the channel’s prime-time shows have come close to matching Carlson’s nightly audience — which regularly clocked in at more than three million, according to The Washington Post.

Kelly earlier suggested that Fox was jeopardizing itself with its own conservative audience, speaking in an interview segment with conservative media heavyweight Dan Bongino.

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