Friend's Dog Starts Pawing at Door, Man Senses Danger as Owner Nowhere to be Found


Our pets really do care about us more than we know. Frank Olzta of Webster, Massachusetts, can attest to this when it comes to his own three pups.

Somehow, dogs can sense when we’re sad, happy, lonely, or even sick. They are known to be great protectors, sticking by our side when we need them the most.

While most of us who own a furry friend would agree that they’re a great comfort in darker times, few of us can boast a pup whose heroics match Lassie’s.

Olzta would say the same thing about his friend Guy Cole, 74, and the bond he once shared with his Golden retriever, Toby. The two were best buds and became even closer after Cole’s wife died.

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With age, Cole started to need more medical attention and Toby always made sure he got it. “You never seen anything like it,” said fellow friend Richard Tetreault.

Six months ago, Tetreault remembered when Cole needed serious medical attention. He was walking nearby at the time Toby alerted him about Cole’s condition and was able to get him help.

Just recently, a similar situation happened yet again. Only this time, Toby decided to track down Olzta, who lived nearly half a mile away.

“He was pawing at the door, barking,” Olzta told WBZ-TV. “I came downstairs, and I could see something was wrong.”

Cole was nowhere to be found. Sensing danger, Olzta quickly realized Toby had run all that way for a reason, and so he called the Webster Police Department for help.

Paramedics arrived at Cole’s residence and quickly transported him to the hospital. Sadly, he did not make it and passed away later that day.

Even with Cole’s sudden passing, Toby’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Oltza said he hoped his dogs would do the same for him one day.

“I have never seen a dog and another human being be that close,” he stated. “They were just like one.”

Toby was so significant in Cole’s life that he even earned a spot in the obituary. But, Cole’s family made sure to list the loyal companion as his first surviving relative.

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Now in the care of Cole’s family, the dog has also received some recognition from the police department. The family, though mourning the loss of Cole, urged the police to share the amazing story on their Facebook page.

They did, and now thousands have learned of the bond between this man and his dog. Toby’s heroism has reminded us to never take any pet for granted.

“This is a true testament of not only Toby’s love for his owner, but for just how far they will go for us,” the police department wrote on Facebook. “Give your pet a little extra attention today, I know I will!”

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