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Man Gives Struggling Widow Money After Seeing Her Pay for Gas Using Pennies


There are people in dire straits who have no qualms about asking for what they need or trying to get help, but there are those who hide their suffering and try to keep going as best they can — they need help, but they don’t or can’t ask for it. If we don’t look for the signs, we may miss them altogether.

Fortunately some young men were paying attention when they stopped at a gas station. Carlos HaHa Davis and his pals are comedians, and a lot of what they do is humorous — but they make sure to give back, too.

They filmed the interaction they had with a patron at the gas station, and Davis Tweeted the video on October 21.

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One of his friends had seen a woman who was trying to use a nearby pump, and she caught his eye. Not because of what she looked like, but because of what she was doing.

She was trying to pay for gas with pennies. He quickly realized something must be up — though he couldn’t have known what — and he and his friends hatched a plan.

The scene opens to Davis climbing out of their van with what looks like a few $100 bills. He approaches the woman and holds the cash out to her, but she just looks at him.

“It’s not illegal,” one of them said to preface the gift. “We’re comedians.”

Overwhelmed, she just kept looking from one face to another, her mouth working over the words she wanted to say.

“My husband just died a week ago,” she said, her hands clenched tightly together. “We weren’t like this before. I didn’t ask nobody for nothing. I didn’t… I didn’t even ask you…”

It all becomes clear. Her puffy eyes were probably swollen from crying, and her new friends quickly follow suit, wiping away or holding back tears of their own as they realize just how much this poor soul was hurting.

“You okay,” Davis reassured her. “We got love for you. This is for you.”

“We gotta take care of each other,” his friend said.

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She seemed baffled as to how they knew she was on hard times, but they’d simply kept their eyes open. “We heard you at the pump,” the friend offered.

“He told me you were paying for your gas with pennies so I had to show love — it’s only right,” explained Davis. “We gotta stick together.”

Still shocked, but holding the money in her hand, the woman still didn’t know how to respond but voiced her renewed faith that God really was looking out for her.

“I guess He does look down…” she said, through tears. “He says He’s watching you and watching you –“

“He’s definitely watching over you,” Davis reassured her. Few people have been able to get through this video without shedding tears of their own, as it highlights the fact that generous souls are still out there.

“This is so wholesome,” read one comment on Reddit. “I love it. When the dudes cried, I cried.”

“I work at a gas station, and sometimes people that prepaid with cash end up not pumping the full amount they paid for and will leave without taking their change,” a Redditor by the name of ILikeMyBlueEyes commented. “Or they’ll drive off without pumping at all. They usually come back once they realize their mistake, but for those who don’t come back and are never seen again, we keep that money under the cash drawer and use it for those who appear to be struggling to pay for gas much like this lady was.”

Some have criticized the good Samaritans for filming this — but their life is social media and videos. Why isn’t it acceptable to combat the negative videos out there with positive ones like this?

We could all use this instance as a reminder that good still exists and as encouragement to watch the world around us and seek to ease the pain of others, as these men did.

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