Inside Documents Prove Google Managers Hated Conservatives, Even Kept Blacklist


James Damore, the former Google employee who was fired from the technology giant last year for sharing a politically incorrect memo about diversity with his co-workers, filed a suit against his former employer this week alleging that it maintains an environment hostile to conservatives.

Available for review here, the full lawsuit contains countless examples of a company culture at Google where the discrimination and persecution against those with politically incorrect or conservative views is not only tolerated but encouraged.

“Google employees have witnessed multiple instances in which hundreds of ‘progressive’ Googlers would target a single co-worker for harassment, and even potential violence, over a politicized matter, humiliating the person and sabotaging his career,” the lawsuit reads.

Filed by Harmeet Dhillon, the the Republican National Committee’s committeewoman for California, the suit also contains testimony from David Gudeman, a former Google engineer who resigned from the company in 2016, according to USA Today.

“In some of these cases, the victim of the targeted harassment campaign was expressing legitimate concerns about discrimination against Caucasians and males in the workplace as a result of political agitation by social justice activists,” the suit continues.

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“As a result of this mistreatment and retaliation, many Google employees have been afraid to publicly come forward. Because of the virulent threats against them by fellow Google employees, their names are not being used in the Complaint at this time.”

The latter statement suggests Damore and Gudeman aren’t the only current and/or former Google employees concerned about the company’s culture, but rather the only ones who can afford to reveal their frustrations publicly.

The suit further accuses top individuals within Google of purposefully blacklisting certain employees because of their political views. Several managers, the lawsuit states “publicly endorsed blacklisting conservatives and actively preventing them from seeking employment opportunities at Google.”

It quotes a manager at Google named Adam Fletcher addressing conservatives he identified as “hostile voices,” to say they weren’t welcome in his company projects.

Do think Damoe will win his suit against Google?

“I will never, ever hire/transfer you onto my team. Ever. I don’t care if you are perfect fit or technically excellent or whatever,” Fletcher wrote on an internal network, according to the lawsuit.

I will actively not work with you, even to the point where your team or product is impacted by this decision. I’ll communicate why to your manager if it comes up.”

The lawsuit makes it clear: “Google’s management-sanctioned blacklists were directed at specific Google employees who tactfully expressed conservative viewpoints in politically-charged debates.”

According to the suit, not only do “the blacklisting posts remain live on Google’s internal corporate network,” but the company has zero interest in preventing or stopping its employees from perpetuating such discriminatory behavior.

To be clear, the allegations cited in this post relate to just a tiny portion of the whole suit. If you read all 161 pages for yourself, you’ll find examples of Google employees proposing hiring practices that exclude white men, threatening conservatives with statement like “(I) will hurt you” and suggesting trials be held for “people who make diversity difficult,” whatever that means.

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In fact, I highly suggest you read the entire document. It’s a long and tedious slog, but given how much influence Google holds as one of the most powerful monopolies on the globe, it strongly behooves you to be aware of its true — and very sinister — nature.

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