Grandma Wades Through River to Rescue Drowning Sheep, Daughter Records the Entire Thing


What’s a grandma to do when she and her family find a struggling, shivering sheep hopelessly stuck in a river? One could run for backup, I suppose, but this grandma from the UK decided to dive right in and help.

“Out on an evening walk with family and friends and came across a young sheep in the water in distress,” wrote a woman with the YouTube name “Soul Orchid,” in August 2016. The family was at the River Idle, which flows through the region of Nottinghamshire, England.

Humorously, the grandma wrote about how her family thought the evening would play out when they went out for a walk. “Let’s pokemon they say. Let’s have a picnic they say. A gentle stroll even,” she joked.


Not this time, Pokemon fans. As they approached the river, the family noticed a lone sheep, struggling desperately to get up onto the riverbank.

“Hmm, I don’t think a Pikachu is round and fluffy!!” the grandma joked, seeing the distressed sheep across the water. “I may be a granny of 13 and my eyes aren’t the best, but I’m sure it’s supposed to be yellow and not say ‘baa.'”

Have you ever witnessed an animal rescue?

According to the sheep rescue video, several sheep had recently drowned in the river that summer. Grandma and her grandkids didn’t want to see another sad sheep death.

With that, grandma decided to do a little real-life creature catching with a real-life urgency that far surpasses the popular Pokemon game she’d been referencing. Clad in jeans and a T-shirt, grandma began making her way into the waters.

Wading across the river, she reached the struggling animal. There was no way to know how long the sheep had been in the waters, and no telling how soon hypothermia might set in if the animal wasn’t soon freed.

The sheep had likely been struggling for a long time, exhausted after the countless efforts to escape the river. The animal was too weary to do much as grandma approached, other than bob quietly in the waters.

Good thing the animal wasn’t too large, because pushing a sopping wool sheep out of a river seems like a daunting task. Grandma braced herself up against the sheep and began to heave it up onto the riverbank.

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It took some time, but it wasn’t long before the wobbly-legged sheep gained its footing and was able to stand on its own strength.

Grandma was sopping wet just like her new friend, but the pair were able to exit the waters safely and regain their strength.

Thanks to this good Samaritan for stopping to help! What a fabulous lesson in compassion for her grandkids.

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