Grocery Store Clerk Given New Hope After Customer Starts GoFundMe


Jim Johnson has been a courtesy clerk at Bel Air in Roseville, California, for over 30 years. Needless to say, he’s become quite popular with customers of the neighborhood store over the years.

Customers know Johnson for his positive attitude and big smile, and recently they decided to thank him for his dedication.

Not long ago, Johnson, who is a veteran, was driving his car when the engine blew up.

He unfortunately couldn’t afford to repair the vehicle, so he bought a bike for his commute to work. Sadly, the bike was then stolen from him while he was at work one day.

Little did Johnson know, the word quickly spread throughout the community.

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“He’s always very helpful,” Bel Air customer Rose Elley said.

“He’s a really important person in this store. You’re coming here every week and it’s someone you’re seeing on a regular basis.”

Almost instantly, one customer donated a bike to Johnson. But Elley knew they could still do more for him.

So Elley decided to start a GoFundMe for Johnson with a goal of $8,000 to help him either repair his car or buy a reliable used one.

“If you’ve ever been through real hard times, you know how much it means when someone offers you a hand up,” the GoFundMe says.

“It changes your world. For a good guy who is a diligent worker, always so kind, my hope is the kindness and goodness he daily puts out in the world will shine back on him.”

In just one week, the fundraiser has already made over $5,000. And when Johnson found out what his community was doing for him, he couldn’t believe it.

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“It surprised me,” he said. “I just thought I was doing my job.”

Johnson is extremely grateful for everything his customers have done for him so far.

“This is my opportunity to say thanks,” he added.

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