Groundbreaking Research Shows Pics of Babies Expressing Emotion in Womb - Reacting to Food


Supporters of infanticide will now have to spin their misguided wheels even harder to decry a recent scientific breakthrough in the world of unborn life.

Durham’s Fetal Neonatal Research Lab recently released compelling results of an experiment involving 100 pregnant women who underwent 4D ultrasound scans.

These scans revealed very human reactions to capsules containing either carrot or kale extract.

The babies who were given the kale capsules can very visibly be seen exhibiting a human frown or a “cry-face gestalt,” per the Durham study.

In contrast, the unborn who were given the carrot capsules often exhibited a “lip-corner puller” and “laughter-face gestalt.”

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These results are a critical weapon in turning the tide in the hotly debated information war over abortion, especially among those who insist that a “fetus” is “just a clump of cells.”

How can an amorphous clump of cells, that allegedly can’t feel pain, both smile and frown when introduced to commonly consumed human foods?

Ultrasounds like this and their variants are a crucial tool in convincing pregnant women that a baby — not “just a clump of cells” — is growing inside them.

Will this research help further the pro-life cause?

This is why the many of Planned Parenthoods refuse to show women an ultrasound of their baby.

They know that women who actually see an ultrasound of their baby could be persuaded to keep the child, rather than murder it.

Satan’s “fact checkers” often try to stamp a vague, “mostly false” tag onto statistics that claim a high percentage of women who see their child’s ultrasound change their mind about abortion.

But even a secular “Teen Mom” television star by the name of Kailyn Lowry rejected her scheduled abortion back in 2020 after having asked to see the ultrasound of what would be her fourth child.

In the interview by “Entertainment Tonight,” she said, “[O]nce I saw this little baby on the screen, I said, ‘I can’t do this, and I know that I’m capable of being a good mom of four. So I’m going to walk out of here, and I’m going to feel good in my decision.'”

She continued, discussing her how her other children dealt with having a new sibling, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was really a surprise. I was kind of nervous to see how [my children] would [react], just because my oldest is 10. I didn’t know how he would be with a newborn crying in the middle of the night and all of that and then my 6-year-old. They are six years apart. They’re just completely in two different stages of life, but he loves being a big brother, and so it really has been great.”

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God has instilled in women a natural bond to the life they are harboring and nurturing within them.

Only the most evil that dwell among us would deliberately try to sear the God-given bond between a mother and her child.

That is why the sharing of research like this is so important. If more women can see their “knit-in-the-womb” baby smiling back at them, we will start to see an end to the evil that is abortion.

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