Hear It: These Two Words Got Longtime NCSU Announcer Suspended Indefinitely During Live Call


A college sports radio broadcaster has been suspended from his job for daring to mention the reality of illegal immigration at the southern border.

North Carolina State broadcaster Gary Hahn was hit with an indefinite suspension by Learfield Communications for the Friday remark, according to multiple outlets, including The News & Observer and ESPN.

Hahn was calling the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina, which featured the North Carolina State Wolfpack losing 16-12 to the Maryland Terrapins.

Hahn was updating viewers on a different bowl game, the Sun Bowl, when he made the offending comments.

“[There’s] one other bowl game involving an ACC team, and that’s the Sun Bowl… and amongst all the illegal aliens down in El Paso it’s UCLA 14, and Pittsburgh 6….”

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You can hear the remarks for yourself below:

The other ACC team Hahn was referencing was the University of Pittsburgh Panthers football team, which upended the UCLA Bruins 37-35 in the Sun Bowl.

Should Hahn be reinstated to his position?

But clearly, the story wasn’t so much about what happened in the Sun Bowl, as what was said about it.

Learfield Communications, a company that broadcasts North Carolina State college sports, suspended Hahn the same day of the bowl game, according to the Observer.

The broadcasting veteran has called North Carolina state basketball and football games since 1991.

The irony of the matter is that Hahn isn’t exactly wrong with his assessment. Hahn’s actually quite right to point to El Paso as a Ground Zero of sorts for illegal immigration.

The Texas border city has been flooded with inflows of illegals on a near-daily basis, with 1,300 migrants arriving every day earlier this year.

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Hahn pointed out the reality as the border community is hit with a renewed onslaught of illegals, many of whom anticipated that the Trump-era Title 42 border measure would be allowed to lapse. (The Supreme Court has preserved Title 42 on a provisional basis.)

Maybe his employers were less than thrilled to hear Hahn identify these migrants as the “illegal aliens” that they are. News flash: They’re not “undocumented migrants,” they’re illegals.

It’s common for illegals to make frivolous claims for asylum after breaching the border. Filing a bogus claim doesn’t establish a status of legal residency, even if you won’t get deported until your case is finally adjudicated.

Asylum is intended for real victims of political, ethnic or religious persecution, not economic migrants seeking to access American public services, wages and welfare.

Most asylum cases get denied under existing immigration law. Approval rates have increased dramatically under the Biden administration, owing in no small part to the president’s open borders ideology.

Under Biden, Americans are simply expected to accept a constant torrent of fake asylum seekers at our national borders as if it were the new normal.

Hahn pointed out the reality, and paid the price in accordance with the woke religion of political correctness.

The integrity of America’s borders is a matter of grave concern for all Americans, not merely immigration lawyers and federal bureaucrats determined to funnel through as many illegals as possible.

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