GOP Senator Raises Alarm on Biden's New Online Asylum System: Disaster for National Security


Illegal immigration in the U.S. is about to get a lot higher with a new Biden-approved program, a Republican politician claimed last week.

Oklahoma GOP Sen. James Lankford revealed the Biden administration’s plan to establish an online asylum system, which allows any foreigner to show up at America’s doorstep, either through the southern border or at airports.

Anyone who wants asylum can request it from their computer, streamlining the country’s entry process.

“You could literally come to any airport in America and make the same claim coming from anywhere in the world,” he said.

Lankford discovered this plan when he met with Biden administration officials last week, Just the News reported.

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This approaching initiative would effectively exacerbate the migration crisis in this country, and the Biden administration will be the only one to blame for even higher immigration numbers.

“It is clear this administration not only doesn’t want to stop illegal immigration, they’re trying to accelerate this,” Lankford said. “They’re not working to stop it. They’re working to make it more efficient.”

The number of illegal immigrants getting past border agents is at its highest point ever in America’s history, the Republican senator said.

Fox News reported there were over 200,000 immigrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border per month for the past four months.

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Lankford said many Americans are not worried about this issue anymore because many news outlets don’t report on it.

“And they just say, ‘I had no idea,’ because no one’s choosing to tell the story of what’s happening in America right now.”

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin is one of the few reporters currently drawing attention to the border crisis.

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The border crisis is an immediate issue that needs to be effectively addressed by a competent government. The current administration is only making it worse by setting loose enforcement priorities and scrapping the border wall plans, which leaves illegal immigration unchecked.

This news should be concerning to every American, even if it does not directly affect you.

America has always been open to immigrants throughout its history, but that process must occur legally. The federal government must not allow the border crisis to continue before it threatens national security, but President Biden has proven that is precisely what he is doing.

This online asylum system will only overwhelm the border and our airports, effectively compromising the safety and security of American citizens.

Airports are already busy enough as they are; they don’t need more problems on top of flight delays and employee strikes.

With inflation rising across the nation and violence erupting in cities (and Disney World), America does not need more problems.

The Biden administration will not employ this system without causing national consequences. If the plan proceeds forward, America will be worse off as a result.

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