Herman Cain: Black Approval of Trump Is Soaring


You might recall that, in 2018, a Rasmussen poll showed President Trump with 36 percent approval among African-Americans.

That immediately led to howling from the media and the political class, who said the result must be an outlier or just made up because Rasmussen – they claimed – is a “Republican polling outfit.”

It is actually no such thing. It’s a nonpartisan polling outfit that doesn’t oversample Democrats like most of the others. Its methodology is sound and its poll results usually track pretty well with election results.

Now, we all know that black Americans vote disproportionately for Democrats. In 2016, President Trump was reported to have received only 8 percent of the black vote. I’m convinced he actually did better than that, but he clearly didn’t get anywhere near 30 percent.

Will he this time? He should, although he may not. But he doesn’t need to. If a Republican could boost his share of the black vote to even 12 percent, it would probably lead to an electoral wipeout that would put 40 states or more in the red category. If he could get 15 percent, we’d be talking about a 1984/Reagan-style romp.

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Is that possible? Of course it is. People said it wasn’t possible for Trump to win the Republican nomination, and then when he did that, they said it wasn’t possible for him to win the election.

President Trump has broken an awful lot of the rules concerning what is and isn’t possible in politics.

But we know that conventional wisdom says African-Americans will not vote Republican in anything but the tiniest of numbers, and also that they’ll never vote for Donald Trump because of all the talk about him being a racist. Is it possible that they would defy that thinking and vote for him anyway?

Absolutely, and here’s why:

Do you think Trump will win more African-American support in 2020 than he did in 2016?

We black people like prosperity too. We like good jobs, and the Trump economy has created a lot of them. We like to keep more of what we earn, and President Trump cut our taxes. We like having more money to spend, and both wages and disposable income are rising in the booming Trump economy.

We like safe streets, and a justice system that gives people a fair chance, so we like President Trump’s criminal justice reform. We also like being safe from terrorist attacks, so we like the fact that President Trump is willing to take out terrorist threats both at home and abroad.

We like not paying exorbitant prices at the gas pump, so we like the fact that President Trump has opened up so much more domestic oil exploration than was allowed under his predecessor, who wanted to keep it all in the ground to the extent he could control it.

Oh, and I don’t know where some of you got the idea that black people are anti-police, but most of us are law-abiding citizens and we appreciate a president who supports our police officers.

All of us hear, on a daily basis, what a racist President Trump is. The media never stop with it. But what we see in our own lives is something entirely different, and we’re smart enough to recognize that the voices out there are driven by agendas.

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Do 34 percent of black people approve of President Trump’s job performance? Why not? The results are good, and we can see that as clearly as anyone else.

Unless the people who doubt it think black people are too stupid to understand results. Is that what they think? And if so, what sort of word do you think we might use to describe the way they think?

We’ll ponder that while we’re voting in November to re-elect President Donald Trump.

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Herman Cain is former CEO of the National Restaurant Association and a former presidential candidate. He is also an author, business executive, radio host and syndicated columnist.