Herman Cain: Why the Left Is Protesting Melania Trump Hugging Babies


There’s a hospital in Boston that has what’s called a “CALM program” for babies born dependent on drugs or alcohol. These newborn babies are often suffering from withdrawal, and when a caring person puts his or her arms around the baby, it has the effect of comforting and calming the baby down.

Recently, first lady Melania Trump visited this hospital to thank the people who lead and volunteer for this program, and to help alongside them during her brief visit. If you’re thinking that this is the sort of thing no one could possibly have a problem with — cuddling babies to bring them the comfort they need — you’re correct. Of course.

But in the political atmosphere of 2019, things don’t work that way.

When word got out that the first lady was at the hospital, a group of protesters immediately showed up and demanded that she leave. And why, exactly, were they protesting? Because, they said, the Trump administration is “anti-immigrant.”

Now first of all — and leaving aside the fact that Melania Trump is an immigrant — that’s not true.

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The Trump administration wants to get control over illegal immigration and to enforce the laws already on the books pertaining to border security.

You probably saw on the news this past week that nine Americans were massacred on a Mexican highway by drug cartels. Much of Mexico is completely out of control and ruled by these drug gangs. It’s an extremely serious situation and is just one more reason we can’t be cavalier about securing our southern border.

None of this has anything to do with being “anti-immigrant.” That’s a ridiculous canard of the Trump-hating left — far too often parroted by the anti-Trump media.

But beyond the matter immigration policy, or any other policy, where did the idea come from that a person who embraces certain policy ideas can’t visit a hospital and do something caring and compassionate for babies?

Even if Melania Trump were really anti-immigrant (which of course she is obviously not), why would that necessitate a protest of something she does that’s 100 percent good in every way?

This has become the go-to approach to everything on the political left. They don’t protest ideas. They protest people. If you disagree with them, they find it necessary to try to dehumanize you in order to send the message that only a complete monster could possibly not embrace the ideas of the left.

This is why they’re so upset that Sean Spicer is appearing on “Dancing With the Stars.” He’s dancing! Who cares? What does that have to do with immigration or taxes or anything else?

But what bothers the left about it is that Spicer is seen as a normal human being and not as the maniacal lunatic that they portrayed him to be.

It’s the same with the first lady visiting this hospital. They don’t want her doing something compassionate because they need everyone to think of her as evil. They’re worried that such scenarios will “normalize” the person they’re trying to villainize.

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American politics works best when we can disagree with each other without making it personal. But for the left, it has to be personal because they’re convinced they can’t win without you seeing those who disagree with them as not just wrong — but evil.

These are the tactics of a desperate movement, and you know what usually results from desperation.

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Herman Cain is former CEO of the National Restaurant Association and a former presidential candidate. He is also an author, business executive, radio host and syndicated columnist.