Herman Cain Announces New Plan to Help Trump 'In the Face of Unprecedented Liberal Opposition'


Radio host and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s new project is something that President Donald Trump’s supporters will cheer — and see as much-needed in today’s political climate.

“Last week we announced the formation of America Fighting Back PAC, with yours truly as chairman and primary spokesman,” he wrote on his website. “We felt it was necessary to take an initiative like this because the so-called ‘resistance’ to President Trump and his conservative policy agenda has become so unhinged and absurd.”

“In an environment like this, someone has to stand in the gap and speak the truth, and that’s what we’re going to do,” he added. “I’ll be doing a lot of traveling, speaking and television appearances in this position, but one of the first things we’ve completed is a series of videos that really lays out the truth about some of the key issues confronting our nation.”

The first of the videos gives the overview of the PAC and its mission. He makes it very clear in this video that defending President Trump from “the radical left and even some in his own party” is a key element of the PAC’s mission:

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Cain also elaborated on why he felt it was necessary to start this PAC: “The media won’t report the truth and the Democrats don’t want to do anything but shift the subject, insult and name-call. Enough!”

The official filing for the America Fighting Back PAC can be viewed online at the Federal Election Commission website. It is noted in the filing that, “This committee supports/opposes more than one Federal candidate and is NOT a separate segregated fund or a party committee.”

The Hill noted that Cain issued a joint statement with co-founder Floyd Brown in which they spoke of fighting against a socialist agenda and for Trump’s America first policy.

“Americans are sick and tired of liberal elites — now combined with a radical socialist movement — treating President Trump and congressional Republicans with utter disrespect and dishonesty,” the statement said. “On behalf of the millions of Americans who love our country and support our president, America Fighting Back PAC is determined to fight back against the socialist movement’s dangerous agenda. We will advance the America First policies that are already moving the country in the right direction.”

Do you support America Fighting Back PAC?

The PAC has already come out in support of several dozen candidates.

One recipient of that support, U.S. House candidate from Virginia Ryan McAdams, expressed his gratitude for it on Twitter:

An America Fighting Back PAC Strategy for 2018 memo lists three main goals for the new organization.

The first one on the list is to “stop the Democratic effort to slow the agenda of President Donald Trump.”

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The second one explains that in order to accomplish goal number one, “The first line of defense in this effort is to keep a Republican majority in the United States House of Representatives.” Part of the motivation behind this goal — though by no means all of it — is to head off the possibility of impeachment if the Democrats take the House.

Finally, the third goal “is to take ground in the United States Senate. If Democrats control the House of Representatives but we increase our majority in the US Senate, the Trump agenda will not be rolled back.”

Floyd Brown, the chairman of The Western Journal‘s parent company, Liftable Media, is a co-chairman of America Fighting Back PAC.

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