'Home Improvement' Star Goes Rogue, Slams Hollywood Elitists for Ignoring Middle America


George Orwell once wrote that left-wing intellectuals have no conception of what the common man, who they claim to champion, was like.

Today it is the Hollywood left who are too elitist to know what Middle America is like, according to a former star on the show “Home Improvement.”

On Friday, Zachary Ty Bryan told Fox News that actors feel superior to Middle America — especially those who voted for President Donald Trump — because they appear on film and television.

“I think there’s kind of been this narcissism created now that because you’re in the public eye, all of a sudden you know more than the normal Joe Schmoe which just isn’t the case,” he said.

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“Whether you disagree with the president, or you don’t, he’s doing what he feels (is) best and he’s representing a very large majority of people who live in Middle America.”

Bryan asserts that actors don’t even attempt to understand the people who voted for Trump and fail to recognize that much of their celebrity status comes from heartland America.

“As an actor, I think one of the first things that you’re taught is it’s the fans that make you who you are,” Bryan said. “And a lot of those fans are watching in Middle America.”

By continuing to criticize rather than trying to understand the “other side,” they are in essence alienating Middle America.

Do you think Hollywood elites will try to understand Trump voters?

Bryan, who keeps in touch with “hardworking Americans” in his home state of Colorado, states they are tired of Hollywood elitists.

As an example of liberal superiority, he cites Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick who told audiences that they will be “on the right side of history” if they vote against Trump.

Bryan represents part of a growing backlash against the left-wing elites that dominate Hollywood.

Hollywood is indeed in a bubble.

They believe that, in the case of Kevin Bacon, there is “a right” and “a wrong side of history.”

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The best example of this occurred in the 1972 presidential election between Republican Richard Nixon and the Democrat George McGovern.

When Nixon won, the upper-class movie critic Pauline Kael was surprised because “everyone I knew voted for McGovern.”

Recently, in The Federalist, writer Bret Easton Ellis, who has made a career of bashing yuppies, told Hollywood anti-Trump elites to cease their hysteria or they will continue to lose elections.

In response, many Hollywood leftists refuse to take his common sense advice and have instead screamed at him for being a Trump supporter.

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