House Goes Up in Flames Thanks to 13-Year-Old. 7-Year-Old Only One Smart Enough to Save Them


We’ve all heard stories of neighbors or good Samaritans risking their lives to save trapped fire victims. Other times, it may be a hero already inside the home that gets everyone to safety.

While firefighters are trained for these situations, they’re not always immediately available at the start of a fire. That’s where people like 7-year-old Tracy Durant come into play.

On Sunday, Jan. 28, Tracy’s 13-year-old cousin was watching over her and their 11-month-old cousin until her mom returned.

The young teen was in the kitchen cooking chicken when their Florida home suddenly went up in flames.

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Tracy had previously learned how to handle fires through a safety class at school, so she responded quickly.

“It looked like when the stove was on and it came up top and then it kept getting bigger and bigger so I didn’t want us to get killed,” she said.

The young girl told WEAR-TV she ran over to a neighbor’s house to get help. She told them her home was on fire and she needed to call 911.

Her quick thinking was the reason everyone escaped in enough time, including her youngest cousin whose first birthday is next month.

“I feel happy to save my baby cousin because I didn’t want him to get killed,” Tracy said.

The only person who sustained serious injuries was Tracy’s 13-year-old cousin. She was later transported to a hospital in Gainsville but is expected to recover.

Grandma, Lakesha James, said Tracy lost everything in the disaster. Although the fire was located in one room, smoke caused damages to other areas of the home.

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Tracy questioned if she did the right thing, but James assured her she did. “I told her she saved her little cousin and she got out and ran with him and got some help,” she recalled telling her granddaughter.

The rest of the family was also proud of Tracy. She was their little hero.

Yet, it was her teacher at school Tracy said would be the proudest. “She said one day I would be a hero…and I wanted to start practicing now.”

Thanks to those life-saving lessons, Tracy was the only one smart enough to save her relatives that day.

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