Humiliating: MSNBC Spends Over 2 Minutes Covering Joe Biden's History of Eating Ice Cream


It is not a great time for America, but the establishment media couldn’t care less.

At least, that’s the impression given by the media’s most recent obsession: fawning over President Joe Biden’s love of ice cream.

In response to a short video of Biden eating ice cream in Ohio, MSNBC released an over-two-minute-long feature extolling the history of Biden’s sweet tooth.

Stepping in for Rachel Maddow, Ali Velshi narrated the network’s saccharine ode to Biden, saying, “There’s been a lot of change in his political career over the years, but the one constant is that Joe Biden really, really loves ice cream. He talks about it literally all the time.”

Conservative journalist Benny Johnson shared the video on Twitter where he eviscerated the so-called “journalism” for the propaganda that it was.

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“North Korea State News Broadcasters would cringe watching this 90 seconds of MSNBC,” Johnson wrote. “There is no level to which our corporate media will not debase themselves. Simply humiliating.”

And debase himself, Velshi did. Perhaps nowhere was this more clear than when Velshi matter-of-factly pointed out that Biden would prefer to eat ice cream over dealing with whatever crisis confronted him.

Is MSNBC biased?

“No matter what’s going on,” Velshi said, “no matter if he’s a senator or a sitting president, no matter what crisis is sitting on his plate, just get that man a cone!”

No matter what crisis indeed. There are, in point of fact, innumerable crises happening in America right now, all of which Biden has done nothing to end.

Whether it be the ongoing border crisis, skyrocketing homicides, rampant inflation, gas shortages, cyberattacks or widespread anti-Semitic hate crimes, America has its work cut out with regard to crises.

The brain freeze resulting from MSNBC’s blatant attempt to scoop up another puff piece about Biden was immense. And the denizens of the Twitterverse sought to compare the network’s coverage of Biden’s frozen treats with some other topics that could have used some coverage.

“Gas prices are at a 7-year high, Jews are being beaten by Biden voters, murders are up 800% in Portland, and MSM is focused on POTUS’ ice cream flavor,” conservative satire account Razor tweeted on Thursday.

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“Hunter Biden smoked crack with Marion Barry, Iran is going nuclear, sanctions are being lifted on Russia with nothing in return, and we now know that China unleashed a biological weapon on the world,” journalist John Cardillo tweeted. “The US corporate media asked Joe Biden which flavor of ice cream he ordered.”

Alas, perhaps Americans shouldn’t expect anything more than a frosty coating of fan fiction from the establishment media when it comes to the president.

After all, it was just in January that then-legal counsel to NPR, Michael Beller, was caught on video saying that the White House should be stormed with Molotov cocktails if former President Donald Trump was elected again.

And it was just last month that CNN technical director Charlie Chester was reportedly caught on camera admitting that the network was dedicated to churning out pro-Biden “propaganda.”

Can Americans expect any real news from establishment media outlets? In all honesty, there’s probably a 50 percent chance that these outlets will do a follow-up feature about how former President Trump hated ice cream.

MSNBC, much like this administration, is something of a gag at this point — and it doesn’t taste sweet.

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