Jeffrey Ford: Let's Stop Letting Liberals Use Our Language to Destroy Us


There is nothing politically correct or even verbally correct in the entire PC movement. The pseudo-intellectual left has been busy redefining our country’s words in order to obfuscate their meanings in a veiled effort to slip through their radical social agenda through our daily use of words.

Words matter. When we allow our political opponents to choose which words we can use to express ourselves … we’ve already surrendered our mightiest weapons in the debate and have already lost half of the battle. We must immediately reclaim our language so that we can peacefully take back our country.


Many of us have been discussing feminism throughout our entire lives. But have you ever actually witnessed anything even remotely feminine in feminism?

Is it pro-female when Lena Dunham glorifies being overweight as a form of body positivity even though obesity greatly increases your odds of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and premature death? Has it been pro-women to have countless females being publicly shamed and marginalized for choosing to be stay-at-home mothers? And how are feminists possibly helping women by falsely convincing them that there are barriers to their entering the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields when in reality universities and employers are desperately seeking them out?

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We should immediately start referring to feminists as femi-not-at-alls … because there is absolutely nothing feminine to be found in feminism.

“Social Justice Warrior”

Social justice warriors are always fighting over something, but it never has anything to do with social justice. It’s now a year and a half after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and they are still assaulting Trump supporters; vandalizing property; calling Trump supporters “Nazis,” “fascists,” “homophobes,” “xenophobes,” “racists,” etc.; and are now gathering together in vitriolic mobs to shout their political adversaries out of public places.

There’s no doubt that most of these alleged Social Justice Warriors truly do believe in their left wing media-induced outrage of the day, but their frequently violent, hate-filled actions have absolutely nothing to do with achieving social justice as much as it has to do with an inappropriate venting of their misguided and ill-informed rage.

Are liberals debasing our politics by debasing the language?

We must immediately stop referring to any of these reprobates as Social Justice Warriors. A true warrior fights with honor, and always for an honorable cause. The only honor these violent and disrespectful so-called SJW’s should ever speak of is, “Yes, your honor.” “No, your honor.”


Humanities instructors, liberal authors and race hustling politicians have actually convinced their gullible followers that the only people in the USA who are capable of being racists are white people because they still believe that white people hold almost all of the power in America. So hypothetically, we could have people of color spewing vile, derogatory hate-filled rhetoric toward our entire nation’s white population and it will never be seen by the left as racism. However, if a hypothetical white person were to engage in even the slightest microaggression (think total nothingburger) against a person of color, then that is proof positive of the white person’s inherent racist nature and of their implicit bias.

Our friends on the left need to invest more of their time actually reading their dictionaries, instead of trying to rewrite their dictionaries to better suit their false narratives. Racism is racism no matter the ethnicity of the person who harbors any negative stereotypes of any other race.


James Pinkerton: Investing in the Red-Blue Rumble

There’s absolutely nothing liberal about today’s liberals. The word liberal actually entails being open to listen to both sides of a discussion before deciding on any given topic. Today’s liberals are completely unable to hear and process opposing viewpoints because it hurts their “feelings” and causes them to either retreat to their safe places or to adorn themselves with black masks so they can proceed to pummel dissenters with bicycle locks.


Once a critical mass of Americans finally began to see liberals for the radical leftists they are, the left’s public relations machine got into high gear for damage control and changed their label to “progressives.” Sadly for us all, there is nothing new, redeeming, or even slightly progressive in progressivism. It’s the same old failed leftist/socialist doctrines that have failed around the world throughout history.

Words truly do matter because we communicate both to ourselves (self talk) and to others through the use of words. We must never agree to engage in dishonest dialogue simply because we are afraid of being seen as politically incorrect.

Always remember, if you’re a United States citizen who is using your First Amendment right to tell the truth the way you see it, then you’re already being as authentically politically correct as any American can be.

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Jeffery Ford is an author and guest on numerous talk radio shows.
Jeffery Ford is an author and frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows.