Johnny Carson Interviewing Age 7 Drew Barrymore Is Cutest Thing You Will See All Week


It was 1982 when a bright-eyed and adorable Drew Barrymore made her first appearance on “The Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson. She was just seven years old and fresh off the set of Steven Speilberg’s smash hit, “E.T.

The interview is the cutest thing you will see all week, and it starts with the moment Drew makes her grand stage entrance. She slipped and fell, and a gracious Carson helped her up and onto the set.

Carson started his interview with the precocious child by telling her many people, even adults, had slipped on stage. A giggling Drew blamed her slippery new shoes, and the audience was immediately charmed.

Carson and Drew began discussing everything from fashion to the dentist to acting, and the adorable young actress had plenty to say about each subject. The audience roared with laughter when at one point, Drew popped out her front teeth, a fake set she wore on television while her adult teeth grew in.

Carson speculated the child may be more comfortable without wearing her fake teeth and asked Drew if she wanted to leave them out while they chatted. Drew happily agreed, and placed her slobbery fake teeth right on Carson’s desk for safekeeping.

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After much discussion about the dentist (Drew liked going) and avoiding cavities (very important), Carson asked what it was like to film “E.T.” Drew gave a shoutout to Steven Speilberg and explained how she won the part of little sister Gertie in the popular film.

Drew had initially auditioned for the film “Poltergeist,” but Speilberg didn’t think she was a good fit. However, he had a perfect role in mind for Drew in his upcoming film about a boy meeting an alien.

Drew explained how she had to pretend to be “in awe” of something, like a ceiling crashing down, during her audition with Speilberg. Then she had to scream — a high-pitched performance Drew said she perfected at home, “screaming her throat out.”

Carson was delighted with Drew’s infectious personality, and the audience clearly was, too. Carson invited Drew to return to his show again and hoped she would go on to act in many more motion pictures.

While Drew Barrymore had her struggles during her teenage years, including becoming emancipated from her parents at age 14, she seems to have come out a stronger adult in the end.

Barrymore recently sat down on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk parenthood, and how being a mother has changed Barrymore’s perspective on life.

Barrymore is a proud mom of two girls, Olive and Frankie. While she admitted to feeling nervous about parenting daughters, Barrymore realized she had the opportunity to break the cycle of unhealthy mother-daughter relationships in her family.

“I thought, ‘Oh, I realize I was put on this planet to be a good woman so I could raise good women,”’ Barrymore told Ellen.

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In the ups and downs that we call life, Barrymore is determined to live in the silver lining.

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