Joy Behar Accidentally Exposes Just How Out of Touch She Is by Blasting Americans for Their Election Priorities


Americans probably didn’t need a reminder of how out of touch Joy Behar is, but that’s never stopped her before.

Behar, who is paid very well to voice her unfounded opinions on “The View,” just doesn’t understand how everyday American voters could prioritize their ability to put food on the table over threats to American democracy.

“Well, what’s depressing is that The New York Times released a poll today that says that 71 percent of voters agree that democracy is under threat,” she said on Tuesday’s show, according to a transcript from Newsbusters. “But only 7 percent of voters rank a threat to democracy as a major issue this election cycle.

“I find that so depressing, I can’t begin to tell you.”

Was she looking for sympathy? I hope not. But she did find some agreement, at least, from co-host Sunny Hostin — who, with a name like that, ought to have been more upbeat.

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“It’s depressing,” she said.

“Well,” Behar continued, “you can debate the poll but this is what people are saying. I mean I understand, inflation has gotten people — If you can’t put food on the table it’s very depressing and if you put gas in your car and inflation and rents, everything is piling up because of various reasons.”

She listed the pandemic and the war in Iraq — she corrected herself to Ukraine — as two of those “various reasons,” conveniently leaving out the stimulus money that most serious economists agree contributed significantly to the country’s current economic woes.

And by “most serious economists,” I mean essentially everyone with a degree in economics other than Paul Krugman.

Yes, Joy, it can be depressing when you find yourself without adequate money for food, shelter and transportation. You wouldn’t know the first thing about that, but I can’t fault your logic here — such deprivation is depressing, especially when it could have been avoided had responsible adults been setting fiscal policy.

Is inflation your top voting issue for November?

She ranted about what she actually seems to believe Republicans will do once they control Congress again, implying, for example, that they will immediately eliminate all corporate income taxes and let school children starve.

“They’re not going to help you! So, why would you vote for them? And yet I see it’s very close, that people are not understanding what the stakes are,” she said, before reiterating: “And I find it sad and depressing.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, to her credit, did push back against what she called a potential “blind spot” among the well-to-do co-hosts of “The View,” and was predictably pounced upon by those whom I will euphemistically label her peers. You can watch the segment here:

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Of course, Americans do, in fact, understand what the stakes are. We understand that “They’re not going to help you!” applies to pretty much every government in the history of governments. That’s why America was founded in such a way as to protect and preserve the freedom of individual Americans to help themselves.

Leftists like Behar want those freedoms eliminated so that they, the group-thinking cultists who worship at the altar of the spirit of the age, can impose upon you what they say is best for you. Some of them are probably sincere in that desire; others are cynical, lying opportunists. I suspect Behar to be the former, but it doesn’t matter — whether they mean it for your good or their own, the leftists’ agenda to deprive you of your freedom is evil at its core. The intentions are irrelevant.

So, once again, we are reminded that people like Behar  — who reportedly brings in $7 million a year to rant about your misplaced priorities — is out of touch with the thoughts and worries of everyday Americans on Main Street.

Not that we needed the reminder.

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George Upper, is the former editor-in-chief of The Western Journal and is now a contributing editor in the areas of faith, politics and culture. He currently serves as the connections pastor at Awestruck Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is a former U.S. Army special operator, teacher, manager and consultant. Born in Massachusetts, he graduated from Foxborough High School before joining the Army and spending most of the next three years at Fort Bragg. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in English as well as a Master's in Business Administration, all from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He and his wife life only a short drive from his three children, their spouses and his grandchildren. He is a lifetime member of the NRA and in his spare time he shoots, reads a lot of Lawrence Block and John D. MacDonald, and watches Bruce Campbell movies. He is a fan of individual freedom, Tommy Bahama, fine-point G-2 pens and the Oxford comma.
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