K-9 Takes Final Walk as Police Officer


He’s tall, dark and handsome, and yes, he’s a dog! But this dog is no ordinary German Shepherd.

His name is Bronx and he is one of the many four-legged K9 officers that work for the Bakersfield Police Department. Now, after eight years of service, it is time for Bronx to retire.

It takes a special dog to qualify for the K9 team of a police department. Through extensive training, the dog must learn how to respond to life-threatening situations.

They must be able to sniff out narcotics and learn how to respond to an attack command.

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But Bronx has taken it all in stride. He has done the job of a true officer, showing bravery and loyalty and performing the tasks asked of him.

Since 2010, this furry officer has protected the community; as well as worked with the SWAT team, along side his partner, Senior Officer Chris Dalton.

He has also spent his fair share of time in schools, giving demos and sharing his journey with students.

The department gave Bronx a big sendoff on his last day of service. Officer Dalton led him as the other officers gave this amazing dog a round of applause.

Throughout the years, Bronx had received numerous awards for his service.

As an added farewell, a Facebook post was created to share his story.

It was no surprise that hundreds of comments were added as Facebook users saw the post.

Who could resist such a handsome face with such as heroic past?

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“Great job Officer Bronx. So proud of you! Happy Retirement living with your loving family,” one post read. “Handsome! Thank you for your service Bronx,” was another.

His reward for his hard work and dedication? Bronx gets to spend his remaining years living the life of a normal dog.

Dalton will take him home to live a relaxing life with his family.

“Thank you for being a loyal K-9 all these years, Bronx!” said the officers at his send-off. This tall, dark, and handsome dog has earned years of rest along with a good supply of treats.

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