'Kangaroo Cat' Loses Front Paws & Tail After Being Electrocuted, Found 7 Days Later


Plenty of people have rescue cats that they are proud to call members of their families. Some were abandoned, thrown in dumpsters as kittens, or suffered some sort of debilitating disease.

“Able,” a cat from Thailand, has an even more impressive story. He was rescued, too, but from a seemingly impossible situation.

When he was still a young cat, Able got into trouble. He somehow came across exposed wiring that sent a powerful electric current through his body.

The explosion that resulted was so loud that the people living nearby heard it. The poor cat lost his tail and his two front legs from the incident, but no one helped him for seven days.

Finally, 49-year-old Walai Sriboonvorakul spotted him and couldn’t help but scoop him up and take him home. Though he has also been dubbed the Kangaroo Cat, his owner picked his name very carefully.

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“Able is a beautiful cat,” Walai said. “We called him ‘Able’ because he can do everything just like the other animals.”

“He was electrocuted by wires. There was a loud bang and it sounded like a bomb. The electricity was so powerful his legs and tail dropped off.”

“Able struggled at first and his wounds were sore,” she said. “But he adapted very quickly and he can stand and balance on his hind legs.”

This posture is what earned him the kangaroo nickname, since he hops everywhere. It hasn’t slowed him down in the slightest, though, and he can still climb walls and do all the things other cats do.

“He is really strong and he can walk up and down stairs and play chase with other cats by bouncing like a little mini kangaroo. He can jump high up walls and ledges, too.”

Good evening ? สองอ้วงส่องนก

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Walai’s son, Copter, has also accepted Able as part of the family. The two share a special bond, and Able loves his new big brother.

“Able is one of the family,” Copter said. “I’m like his big brother. He runs up the stairs to my bedroom to wake me up.”

“We play all the normal games with him,” he continued. “He is a pampered cat who has a good life now. He lost his legs but he found a loving home.”

แก๊งค์ไถขนมบุก… Meow Gangster!

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Able shares the home with two other cats, Ginny and FinFin. Ginny was paralyzed after being attacked by dogs, and FinFin has the lost the use of her two back legs.

The three cats are safe and healthy in the loving care of Walai and her son, and all of them are one big, happy family.

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