Kari Lake Exclusive: The Future of Arizona Is on the Ballot, Here's My Plan to Save the State


This next decade will be pivotal for Arizona. Our state is poised to lead the way in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, become a powerhouse of technological innovation and manufacturing, build one of the most competitive and prosperous economies in the country and create endless opportunities for Arizona’s workers and families.

This future is possible, but it’s not guaranteed. This November, we can either go down the path of liberal states like California and resign ourselves to brutal lockdowns, unaffordable taxes, summer blackouts and crushing regulations, or we can chart our own unique path that will truly put Arizona on the map. That’s why I’m running for governor — the stakes are too high to let career politicians turn Arizona into California.

Arizona’s best days are ahead of us, and I have a plan that boldly and honestly addresses the roadblocks standing in our way.

First, we must make Arizona an appealing place to launch or relocate businesses, both small and large. That means building on the progress that the legislature has made in recent years in making Arizona competitive by cutting taxes and regulations that stunt growth and creating new incentives for businesses to thrive here. Critically, we must make sure that our efforts benefit all of Arizona’s businesses, not just the large ones. That means including the small start ups and the family-owned businesses that truly make Arizona great. The pandemic showed us how the government can drop the hammer on some businesses while protecting others; as governor, I will never allow our state to do anything like that again.

In order for Arizona to lead the way in high-tech manufacturing, we need to invest in a skilled workforce that meets their needs. That’s why I have a game-changing plan for a dual-track education system, which will allow high school students to earn career or technical degrees before graduation, putting students in a position to create opportunities for themselves in highly-paid career fields directly out of high school, without taking on hundreds of thousands in college debt. The next generation of Arizona families can be the most prosperous in our state’s history if we leverage our education system to set them up for success.

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A booming economy is only as strong as the energy grid it relies on, which is why I have a plan to invest in an energy future that is low cost, reliable and clean without destroying our economy. It is absolutely critical that we do not follow California down the Green New Deal path that leads to skyrocketing energy prices and rolling blackouts in the dead of summer. As governor, I will champion projects that focus on adding to Arizona’s energy supply, not taking away.

The only resource more critical than energy is water. I am committed to being the governor who addresses Arizona’s future water needs, both short-term and long-term, by stepping up to lead projects state-wide, regionally and nationally that will ensure Arizona and the entire southwest have all the water we need to grow.

These parts of my plan are critical, but they are not the only policies I will pursue as governor. By tackling Arizona’s homeless crisis, preserving our rural communities, reducing crime and — most importantly — securing the border, we can build a solid foundation in every community across our state that will allow our economy to thrive.

Would you vote for Kari Lake?

This may all seem like common-sense to you and I, but like I said — it’s not guaranteed. Arizona is only one election away from resigning our state to four years of higher taxes, skyrocketing energy prices and an economy that forces families to pack up and flee for opportunities elsewhere.

I support policies that benefit you and your family, and that’s what I’ll fight for as your governor.

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Kari Lake is the Trump-endorsed candidate for governor of Arizona. She walked away from her career as the most highly respected and most-watched news anchor in Arizona to protest the fake corporate media. Now, she is leading in polls and is poised to become the most conservative governor Arizona has ever seen. Her platform of common-sense conservatism resonates with the people of Arizona, along with her dedication to individual liberties, low taxes, limited regulation and protecting Arizona's great Western heritage.