Kari Lake Shares 'Hilarious' Story About What Happened After Rally She Attended Ran Out of Beer


As a former newscaster, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake knows a trending story when she sees one.

Lake showed her insight into the mood of the Republican base, and her own sense of humor, by calling out what happened when a rally in Iowa ran low on beer.

Apparently, even at an open bar and with other beers running out, voters and rally goers largely rejected Bud Light. The Anheuser-Busch beer brand has rapidly become a toxic commodity among conservatives, ever since it added a sponsorship deal for transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

On Wednesday, Lake announced her arrival in Iowa on her Twitter account.

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As reported by the Iowa Capital Dispatch, Lake credited her Iowa heritage as the source of her tenacity in fighting the questionable results of the 2022 Arizona election.

The Dispatch quoted Lake as she addressed a rally of Scott County Republicans in Bettendorf, Iowa: “We start Iowa nice, right? And then we start moving it up until we get to like the Iowa witch part, and I’m about to go Iowa witch on the media.”

Lake is not setting her sights exclusively at the media. On April 5, Lake’s legal team took filed an additional brief with the Arizona Supreme Court requesting further review of ballot irregularities.

Lake’s brief alleges there are over 35,000 unaccounted for ballots reported by Maricopa County. The election was decided by only about 17,000 votes.

Will you ever buy Bud Light again?

But while that controversy is still brewing, signs of a different controversy caught Lake’s attention at the Iowa rally.

Lake tweeted her observation, ending the statement with a Trump style comment: “I have to share something hilarious with you guys. I’m in Iowa with hundreds of voters tonight for a rally. There was an open bar that ran out of beer…Except for one brand… @budlight. Go woke, go BROKE. Sad!”

Lake did not go into details on Twitter about why the Bud Light was rejected, she merely added the “go woke, go broke” maxim to her comment. Lake knew her audience already knows what Bud Light now stands for.

The beer Bud Light is facing intense backlash for a new marketing campaign promoting transgender celebrity Dylan Mulvaney as their new spokesman. This sponsorship came after the February 2023 announcement of Vice President of Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid as the first woman to lead the Bud Light brand.

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The once-American company Anheuser-Busch is now owned by AB InBev, a Belgian multinational conglomerate. Perhaps it’s that distinct disconnect from Americana that led to this new partnership with Mulvaney.

According to Newsweek, Mulvaney is a transgender social media influencer, with over 10 million followers on TikTok and 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

The audiences of that kind of content on those social media platforms are not the average Bud Light consumer, as noted by radio host Erick Erickson.

“Is the Bud Light thing an April Fool’s joke?  I mean it is trash beer, but given the constituent demo of Bud Light drinkers, it seems like a terrible marketing thing,” Erickson tweeted.

Calls for a Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch boycott have gained traction, as Iowa demonstrates.

Musicians such as Kid Rock and Travis Tritt made very public statements criticizing the choice of Mulvaney. When entertainers like these are willing to take an open stand against the promotion of transgenderism, it may show the cultural narrative is shifting against the trans activists.

Some liquor stores are even reportedly rejecting Bud Light shipments.

Picking up on the significance of leftover free Bud Light, and sharing the information with the right amount of snark, shows why Lake terrifies Democrats and inspires Republicans.

From fighting for fair elections to laughing at corporations pandering to the progressive cause of the moment, Lake understands what is important to Republican voters and shows leadership.

Lake, unlike Mulvaney, is an actual influencer, rather than the invention of marketing or social media.

Even when it’s being offered for free, like at Lake’s rally, rejecting Bud Light has become a matter of principle.

It’s ultimately symbolic of rejecting the transgender agenda globalist corporations are attempting to force onto society.

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Richard Bledsoe is an author and internationally exhibiting artist. His writings on culture and politics have been featured in The Masculinist, Instapundit and American Thinker. You can view more of his work at
Richard Bledsoe is an author and internationally exhibiting artist. His writings on culture and politics have been featured in The Masculinist, Instapundit and American Thinker. You can view more of his work at