Watch: Kayleigh McEnany Breaks Down During Emotional Tribute to Christian Icon Ravi Zacharias


Christians know that death is not an ending, but rather a beginning.

Even given this comforting assurance, it’s still heartbreaking to lose someone who’s played a lasting role in shaping your faith.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany made it clear that famed Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias, who died Tuesday, made an impact on her life.

During the interview, McEnany broke down while explaining what Zacharias meant to her as a Christian.

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“My dad said to me that Billy Graham was the great evangelist, and I think Ravi Zacharias is the great apologist,” McEnany said before tearing up.

She took a few moments to gather herself before continuing.

While McEnany said she never actually met Zacharias, he played a huge part in influencing how she approached her faith.

“For me, as a Christian, I always had the heart for Jesus Christ that I got at a very young age. I was saved when I was in my teens,” she said.

Was Ravi Zacharias the greatest apologist of our time?

“But, to have someone from an academic place, as an apologist, could equip you with those arguments where you didn’t have to check your brain at the door when you became a Christian, where there is intellectual foundation for everything we believe.”

“He put a philosophical and academic rationale for the heart that I had for Christ, but gave me the ability to go to Oxford where there are renowned atheist scholars who try to say there’s no intellectual undergirding for Christianity. Ravi Zacharias, who happened to have an office at Oxford, was the person who provided the counter to that.”

She ended her comments on Zacharias with one final conclusion regarding his life’s work.

“His life may have ended, but his life continues in the next life. He is someone I will meet in Heaven,” McEnany said.

“Rest assured, his legacy will always be here and he will continue to change lives.”

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McEnany was far from the only Christian touched by Zacharias and his teachings.

Led by Christian celebrities like Tim Tebow and Lee Strobel, social media users sent out posts with the hashtag “ThankYouRavi” shortly after it was announced that the apologist was being sent back home to live out his last few days in comfort.

Tebow had a hard time speaking last week about Zacharias, who at the time was nearing death’s door.

“So I think it’s really important in life to have heroes, especially in the faith, and one of my heroes of the faith is a man named Ravi Zacharias,” Tebow said before choking up in a video posted to Twitter.

“He’s not doing very well, and so I would one, like to ask you to be praying for him and two, I know Ravi has inspired me and millions of people around the world, and so if he’s someone that has inspired you, I would like for you to please write a sweet caption on this and please mention how he has changed your life.”

Just days before his passing, Zacharias sent out a powerful message to all of his followers on Twitter.

“The story of the gospel is the story of eternal life,” read the message, which comes from Zacharias’ most recent book.

“My life is unique and will endure eternally in God’s presence. I will never be ‘no more.’ I will never be lost because I will be with the One who saves me.”

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