Landlord Won't Fix Heat for Mom 9 Months Pregnant and Son Forced to Wear Coats Inside


I think we’ve all dealt with a really horrible landlord at least once before. You know, the ones who misplace your rent check or take forever sending someone out to fix a leak.

For some reason, they can’t seem to stay organized and on top of things. They’re so difficult to get into contact with that you wonder if they are avoiding you on purpose.

These types of landlords are a complete headache, but the worst ones are the ones who also have no concern for their tenants’ well-being.

Pregnant mom Millie Beniquez may be dealing with one of the worst living situations at her Brooklyn, New York, residence. She and her son have spent most of their winter days trying to stay warm.

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The place she once called home no longer has running heat, hot water, or gas. Even dealing with the loss of one of those staples could cause serious repercussions — but all three, all at once?

Beniquez said it all started three months ago, and since then, she has tried to resolve the situation. But she can’t seem to get a hold of the person who’s supposed to fix these issues.

“The landlord isn’t taking my calls,” Beniquez told WPXI-TV. “I call 311 and it’s a [runaround].”

As anyone could imagine, it has been difficult surviving under these freezing conditions. The mom, who is 9 months along, hasn’t been able to cook a nice hot meal for her son in a while.

They have to wear coats inside the house just to stay warm, especially at night. Plus, flu season has already attacked them once this year.

She and her son can’t stay warm, and it’s no minor inconvenience. How is she going to deal with having a newborn in such an inhospitable place?

So, in desperation, Beniquez decided to reach out to WPXI-TV. Local reporter Monica Morales was able to see for herself just how real the situation was for the family.

She even tried calling the landlord on two attempts. On the first call, she was hung up on and during the second one she was sent straight to voicemail.

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Morales contacted the company’s Human Resources Administration instead. They assured her that the problem would be handled.

“The safety of our clients is a priority for HRA,” they told her. “We are taking immediate action on this case and are contacting the client and the landlord to address this situation.”

Until then, a spokesperson for Housing Preservation and Development has been notified about the service violations. They said they were working fast to restore all services in the home.

No family should have to live like this, especially a pregnant mom expecting a newborn baby. We truly hope this situation ends well for Beniquez and her son before the second child arrives.

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