Leftists Get Their Claws Out, Tear CNN's Van Jones to Shreds for What He Said About Trump


Far-left CNN contributor Van Jones shared a rare but sympathetic take about former President Donald Trump on the network Tuesday, and he was shredded by his now side of the aisle over it.

Trump was indicted in New York City following the recommendation of a grand jury in relation to alleged “hush money” payments stemming from old allegations of alleged affairs.

George Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged the country’s 45th president with 34 crimes he alleged were in relation to the payments. Bragg claimed the money resulted in the falsification of business records.

Trump pleaded not guilty to all charges and struck a defiant tone on Tuesday night that was not unexpected.

What was a surprise was to see there is in fact a human heart beating inside the chest of Jones — a far-left former Obama administration official who gets paid to share his opinions on CNN.

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Jones reacted to what was history in the making on Tuesday as a photo of Trump preparing to go to the courthouse was circulating online and on the cable networks.

Trump raised a fist outside of Trump Tower as he headed to his arraignment.

When reacting to the image, Jones said to CNN host Anderson Cooper, “Yeah, he looks sad. He looks sad.”

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The liberal pundit continued, “He looks like, um, the weight of it’s hitting him. And you know, just as a human being, I don’t take joy. I don’t like the prison system. I don’t like what it does to people. I don’t like this process.”

“I don’t take any celebration and seeing him looking that way he looks,” Jones concluded. “It now doesn’t mean that accountability is not owed. We don’t know what he’s going to be charged with. There’s a lot more — but at that moment, that is not a conqueror. That is a granddad having a very bad day.”

Jones is of the opinion Trump has done something wrong and he is entitled to feel that way.

Still, his candor was refreshing.

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Something too often lost during political discourse is those we disagree with are human. They have families and dreams and are not always motivated by evil.

But naturally, many on the left did not share Jones’ opinion that Trump is human and so the pile-on was predictably vicious:

The country is so divided that Jones, a Democrat and a CNN contributor, can’t express a sentiment of humanity without a far-left, digital mob coming after him.

Empathy, which Jones undoubtedly displayed in that clip, is not to be permitted.

The country’s far-left is after blood and Jones can either join the mob or be written off as collateral damage.

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