Why Is Mainstream Media Ignoring the 'Pandegnomium'?


This post was written in partnership with Patriot Depot, a sister company of The Western Journal. 

We didn’t know the Donald Trump Garden Gnome would be the smash hit it became.

We thought it had a chance, but did we know for sure? Absolutely not.

From what we’ve seen in the mainstream media, people hate our president.

But, we thought, what if that’s not true? We’ve speculated for a long time that maybe, just maybe, real Americans actually love Donald Trump, despite what the mainstream media wants us to think.

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Now, the numbers behind our Donald Trump Garden Gnome show exactly what we thought might be the case: The mainstream media does NOT represent the views of all of the proud Americans out there. If it did, we wouldn’t have been working overtime to fill the demand for our Patriot Depot-exclusive Donald Trump Garden Gnome.

Donald Trump Gnome

In fact, as soon as we listed this product on our website, it immediately became our hottest item — so much so that we couldn’t keep up with demand.

PD Gnome Boxes
Warehouse associate Missy prepares hundreds of packed gnomes for the mail carrier.

Even though we instantly put more into production, people wanted this product more quickly than we could get it in stock.

Now, doesn’t that kind of disprove the mainstream media’s narrative that Trump never should have won the election and that most of America really hates him?

PD Picked Gnomes
Just some of the gnomes that were ordered on Day 1 sit on a table before shipping.

Hey, CNN — if the people hate Trump so much, how would you explain the size of these shipments we had to get in just to keep up with demand?

Gnome Stock
Each box contains a dozen Donald Trump Garden Gnomes.

We’re not trying to say the fact that these gnomes are a very hot product means Donald Trump is the best person to ever walk the earth, but we are saying that maybe, just maybe, the mainstream media hasn’t been 100 percent honest when it comes to how Americans really feel about their president.

If you disapprove of the mainstream media trying to deceive people and want to make a statement about it, you could start with a Donald Trump Garden Gnome of your own.

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