Man Offers Possessions to Someone Who Will Kill Him, Gets Quite a Different Response


It can be easy to read posts on Facebook and decide it’s an awful site that’s heavily utilized by nasty people. But sometimes, something happens and complete strangers come together on social media to make an astonishing difference.

There is a Facebook page called “Gold Coast buy, sell and swap with easy rules!!” that allows members to “enjoying selling and buying.”

It boasts almost 40,000 members and has eight simple rules for using the closed group’s page.

At about 5 p.m. on Jan. 29, 2018, a startling post was made by a man who news outlets “have chosen not identify.” What he was “selling” was his possessions, but not for cash, introducing the deal with “I will pay someone with everything I own for one favour … anyone interested?”

The Australian man explained what the favor was with this simple line: “Not a joke, the favour is simple … Kill me.”

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In exchange for doing him that favor, he reportedly offered item such as his “$300 + TV, Xbox One, 360, PlayStation 2, about 100 games, 60 DVDs (and) 2 laptops,” reported

Although some reports have circulated about youth being told on social media to take their own lives or being cheered on while they attempt to do such in livestreams, in this case, hundreds of members of the group responded with compassion and concern to this desire for an end to life.

Some tried to talk the man out of it, some offered immediate help and others contacted sources of help for information on what to do for him.

After being able to “ascertain where the man lived,” some even rushed to his location to personally offer help. One man drove 50 kilometers (approximately 31 miles) in order to help save the distraught man’s life.

The outpouring of concern and the quick-thinking of those members quite possibly saved the man’s life. It was confirmed by a QLD Ambulance spokesperson that paramedics were dispatched to the man’s location and he “received medical attention.”

A woman who identified herself as the man’s mother posted to the group that her son “was really taken aback by everyone’s kind words and encouragement.” She also apologized to anyone who may have been “upset” or “triggered” by her son’s postings about wanting to die.

She also went on to give an update on her son, how QPS & QAS have been, and he has voluntarily gone with them to Robina Hospital. “(He) is diagnosed (with a condition) and medicated with a big team behind him.”

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She ended her update with a thank you to all those who rushed to help her son. “Please I would like your members to know how grateful I am to them and that he is OK and being looked after.”

While added suicide help line information into their report, the United States also has a national suicide prevention lifeline.

The lifeline is free to use and anonymous. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anyone who feels hopeless or is having suicidal thoughts.

Those with loved ones in such a state can also call for advice on what to do to help them.

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