Man on Moped Sees Horse Tearing Down Street, Speeds Up and Makes Dangerous Grab Before Disaster


Have you ever spent much time around horses? The first rule you may have learned is that one end kicks and the other end bites.

And those four legs can race like the wind. If you’ve ever seen a horse tear away from its rider, charging ahead at full speed, you’ll understand the complete unpredictability of what might happen next.

Footage of a runaway horse in Wassenaar, on the western coast of the Netherlands, has galloped its way into popularity. Since surfacing online, the video has been set to varying musical themes for dramatic effect, but we like this version which features the “William Tell Overture.”

As the video opens, the point of view is from a motorized moped driver. The driver is trying to catch up to a saddled horse running down a Dutch road without a rider.

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The driver had seen a woman chasing hopelessly after her horse. We don’t know why the horse was making such a mad dash, but its owner was likely worried about a myriad of dangerous scenarios that might happen if she didn’t calm the animal soon.

Seeing the woman’s desperate situation, the moped driver offered her a ride. She climbed onto the back of the bike and the chase was on.

At first, it seemed like the chase would end in a rather tidy fashion. The horse slowed, glanced at its owner, and gave the impression that it might stop.

But, whoa, Nellie, the horse had other plans. It again raced down the road, leaving the duo to resume the chase set amid picturesque woodland scenery.

At last, a plausible solution seemed to present itself as the road came to a curve. The humans tried to corner the horse before it ran around the curve, but to no avail.

After another minute of intense chasing, the driver was able to come carefully alongside the horse. The owner grabbed ahold of its reins, effectively bringing the gentle giant to a halt.

Relief washed over the owner’s face, glad the crazy chase was over. No casualties, thankfully, and a horse that was comforted by its caring owner.

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