Man Searches for Daughter Given up for Adoption 39 Years Ago While He Was Sick in ER


Jerry Miller was a man on a mission. After suffering from a brain aneurysm 39 years ago, he was forced to give up his newborn daughter for adoption.

The doctors told him that his chances for survival were slim and that if he did survive the needed surgery, recovery would take a long time.

His 17-year-old wife at the time was too young to take care of a baby on her own, and was encouraged to give her child to a family that would have the means to care for it.

“Holding her in my arms 30 to 45 minutes. The most beautiful baby and then they taking (sic) her out of my arms and walk away. That’s a nightmare that nobody wants to see or be in,” Miller recalls. It was his one and only moment with his daughter.

Miller received his first miracle when he beat his illness. Soon after, he and his wife divorced. Miller later remarried.

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But Miller has never forgotten is daughter, who was born in Covington, Kentucky, at St. Elizabeth Hospital on Dec. 4, 1978, and he went on a mission to find her. Along with his second wife Brenda, they began the search.

“I’m very blessed with what I have children, two girls and a son. Nine grandkids, one great but there’s still a piece of me missing,” Miller said.

He knew that his relationship with his now 39-year-old daughter would be different should they be reunited, but they could finally be a family.

His wife, Brenda, knew that a piece of her husband would always be missing. “Gosh, how much more can I stand seeing him like this?” she said.

Miller and his wife spent years trying to acquire adoption records and even hired private detectives. In the end, it all came down to another miracle through social media.

As a last resort, Miller decided to post his search on Facebook, asking everyone to share and praying that his daughter would somehow see it.

He wondered where she was, if she were even still alive and hoped that she was being taken care of.

His post, seen above, included a photo of him holding a sign with his daughter’s birthday and the location of the hospital where she was born. He also added the reason for giving her up: medical concerns.

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Finally, 39 years later, father and daughter have been reunited. No news has been released about their happy and, most certainly, tearful reunion.

But thanks to the technology of social media, heartfelt prayers from those who cared, and the tenacity of a father, this miracle did happen.

In a post later submitted by the happy dad, he encourages others to “have hope in God and His timing” — great advice no matter what you’re facing in life!

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