Man Uses Ping Pong Balls and Water To Show What Having Jesus in Our Lives Will Do

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Standing on a stage in front of a captive audience, a young pastor from Tulsa, Oklahoma, used a pitcher of water and handfuls of orange ping pong balls to drive home a point to his congregation.

Pastor Michael Todd, the lead pastor at Transformation Church in Tulsa, has an energy about him when he speaks that makes people listen.

Todd has been leading Transformation Church full time since 2015, alongside his wife, Natalie Todd, and a team of staff members committed to reaching their community for Christ.

Over 15 million people have seen the following clip of Todd talking to his listeners about the importance of regularly immersing themselves in God’s word.

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A once-in-awhile meeting with God isn’t going to cut it — going to church once a week is not going to be enough for any life change to take place, Todd argues.

The change comes from practicing the spiritual discipline of faithfully reading the Bible, even on days when our feelings aren’t warm and fuzzy, even on days when we don’t feel like it.

Holding the pitcher, Todd began to pour the water on top of the tower of ping pong balls that were stuffed inside a clear container. The water, he said, represented the living water of God.

The ping pong balls represented the junk in our lives, misplaced identities, our struggles, and idols. Junk that can only be cleaned up by daily immersion in God’s word.

“There’s some point that the things in our life, that have been defining us, starts to be overtaken,” Todd said, as he poured more and more water over the ping pong balls.

Slowly but surely, the water pushed the ping pong balls to the surface of the container, causing them to spill out.

The visual was a clear representation that when we fill our lives with what God says about us, what the world says about us suddenly doesn’t matter anymore.

“See, where my identity was, from people,” Todd said, “it starts to become defined by God.”

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Todd went on to explain the constant tug-of-war between relying on God to fill our hearts and becoming complacent or lukewarm, allowing the junk back into our lives.

When you’re filled up with the truth about what God says about who He is and about who you are, Todd explained, the lies from the enemy cannot sink down into your soul and settle.

What do you think of what he has to say?

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