Marine in Afghanistan Withdrawal Arrives in DC, Shows What Happened to Him Under Biden's Watch


A Marine who lost an arm and a leg during President Joe Biden’s botched exit from Afghanistan in 2021 ripped a lack of accountability for the withdrawal.

The U.S. left the two-decade war behind in August and September of that year with its tail between its legs as 13 brave American servicemen and women lost their lives at the airport in Kabul.

Not only that, but Biden armed violent Islamists when his Pentagon leaders ordered equipment abandoned.

People, ammunition, Hummers, helicopters — they’re all just numbers to the Biden administration.

But Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews, who told his story Wednesday during testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is anything but a number.

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He survived the suicide blast that killed our troops and lost his right arm and left leg in the process. He told lawmakers he and others had identified the man who would ultimately kill more than 180 people.

The man, an ISIS-K terrorist, was in the crosshairs of an American sniper who could have ended the massacre before it ever happened.

Vargas-Andrews said after the suicide bomber was identified, nothing was done.

“I asked intel guys why he wasn’t apprehended sooner since we had a full description. I was told the asset could not be compromised,” he said. “Pointedly … we asked [our superiors] if we could shoot. Our battalion commander said, and I quote, ‘I don’t know.’”

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“We were ignored. Our expertise was disregarded,” he added. “No one was held accountable for our safety.”

He also commented on a lack of accountability over the botched withdrawal from the country.

“The withdrawal was a catastrophe, in my opinion, and there was an inexcusable lack of accountability and negligence,” he said. “The 11 Marines, one sailor and one soldier that were murdered that day have not been answered for.”

The soldier’s gut-wrenching story is hard to digest, and many who came across it on Twitter shared their sympathies:

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Sadly, our deepest condolences cannot mend Vargas-Andrews, nor can they bring back his fallen comrades.

We can only collectively pray that our leaders put our troops first next time decisive action is on the table that could prevent a slaughter.

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