'Media Does Not Really Know What To Do with a Godly Man' Like Mike Pence


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Leslie Montgomery — author of the new book “The Faith of Mike Pence” — believes one reason the media displays such vitriol toward the vice president is they do not respect or understand his Christian walk.

“The media does not really know what to do with a godly man,” Montgomery recently told radio talk show host Eric Metaxas.

“We live in a nation that is becoming more and more biblically illiterate with every year that passes.”

“The View” co-host Joy Behar provided perhaps the best example of a member of the media displaying a complete disregard for Pence’s faith.

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Last year, she characterized Pence’s belief that Jesus speaks to him through prayer as a sign of “mental illness.”

“That’s called mental illness if I’m not correct. Hearing voices,” Behar said.

Jesus in fact promised his followers they would be able to know when He speaks to them.

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me,” Jesus said in John 10:27.

Do you think the media lacks an understanding of Christianity?

After a nationwide uproar and boycott threats, Behar called Pence to apologize and further apologized on-air to those she had offended.

Pence has also received a lot of flak from the media for following the so-called “Billy Graham rule.”

The practice the late evangelist adopted throughout his 60 years in ministry was not to be alone with a woman other than his wife, to avoid the appearance of impropriety or the opportunity for an extramarital affair to develop.

Montgomery quotes Pence (then a congressman) in her book explaining his reasoning.

“It’s about building a zone around your marriage,” he said in 2002. “I don’t think [Washington is] a predatory town, but I think you can inadvertently send the wrong message by being in [certain] situations.”

Montgomery told Metaxas another reason the media takes such offense at Pence is that he does not follow their politically correct rules.

“When controlling people can’t control you, they try to control your image,” she said.

Metaxas gave President Donald Trump credit for choosing Pence as his vice president, knowing that the Hoosier State native is a follower of Christ.

“It gives me confidence in this administration that we have a president who understands the role of faith,” Metaxas said.
The Faith of Mike Pence book

Montgomery concurred: “[Pence] is a man of God. He’s a man of integrity.”

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