Michael Moore Says White Trump Supporters Are the Same as South African Apartheid Supporters


Activist filmmaker Michael Moore compared white Trump voters to supporters of South African apartheid on Tuesday.

Moore made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”

Matthews had asked Moore why he thought rural, working-class white voters stuck with President Donald Trump.

“Well, you said the key word, ‘white,'” Moore responded. “Sadly, I think it is a racial thing on some level with a lot of people.”

While he didn’t provide any evidence that white voters support the president because of his race, the filmmaker continued to paint an uncomplimentary picture of white men in heartland America.

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“I think that white guys, the lunch bucket Joes … can see the writing on the wall,” Moore said.

“The women are coming, they’ve arrived last November. This is the eighth September in a row where the majority of first-graders in this country last month were not white.”

In other words, according to Moore, white voters choose Trump because they are concerned about the influence of women and minorities in future elections.

“We now see the demographic shift, that by the 2040s, white people will be the minority,” Moore continued.

Watch Moore’s full interview below.

The filmmaker then leveled an even more unsavory accusation against the rural white voter, claiming that they “fear” new racial demographics and comparing them to white people in apartheid-era South Africa.

“I think that there is some level of fear about [demographic shifts], probably in the way that white people in South Africa were afraid what’s going to happen with Mandela and the black majority.”

Though Matthews tried to interject and clarify that “the people of South Africa really earned the trouble they got,” Moore dismissed any nuance and took his already baseless comparison one step further.

“Here we have African-Americans who are still on the bottom rung of the ladder. After all these years, and those of us who are white, especially white guys, still having that door open just a little bit easier for us.”

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Do you think Moore was right to compare Trump voters to supporters of the apartheid regime?

“So black Americans still have it pretty damn rough.”

Moore’s comparison of African-Americans in 2019 to black people living under state-sponsored discrimination did not elicit a response from Matthews.

Matthews did offer one follow-up.

“So that spreads fear in the white voter, and he votes white?” the host asked.

“Yes,” Moore responded, “because some white voters are afraid — when you’re in power, you don’t want to lose what you have.”

“They’ve been told to fear the other.”

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